Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sent wrong doll ... twice. Oh, dear ...

This is the doll I've attempted to get twice now.  Sigh.
Urg.  Remember I told you I'd ordered a lavender-haired "I Love Minnie" doll from and was sent the wrong doll?  Well, I re-ordered the same doll from the same site, and was sent the wrong doll AGAIN.  LOL. 

When I was sent the wrong doll the first time, Amazon's customer service was great.  They refunded me for the wrong doll, and said if I re-ordered, they'd pay for the shipping.  That was awesome.  I was thinking they must be the best company ever.  So I re-ordered it.  The replacement doll came today and it's the wrong doll AGAIN.  Double sigh.  Not only is it the wrong doll again, but it's the SAME wrong doll. ... the black-haired one in the red outfit pictured in my last post.  Apparently they have some problems with how their shipping department fills the orders for that type of doll. 

So, now I have two of the black-haired Minnie dolls in red (their "Rainy Days" doll), and I STILL don't have the lavender-haired one me and my daughter wanted (the "Pajama Party" doll).  I have to laugh. 

So, maybe I should probably try eBay instead?  Heh heh.

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  1. THeir inventory numbers must be screwed up maybe?