Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tiny Kitty week continues

Tiny Kitty week continues now into its second week, because I have a ton more pictures to show you.  I wanted to show you more of the Tiny Kitty offerings that have come out over the past few years, because I always find it helpful to see owner pics of dolls and their clothes.  I always appreciate it when other people post live pics, so I figure I need to do my part and post live pics as well when I can. 

This is Pink Champagne Supper from 2013 (above).  She sold out on the Tonner site, but is probably still available from some of their dealers.  She came out the same year as Garden Club Luncheon, which I reviewed here.   I got her last year, but never showed pictures of her here on the blog before, so here she is.  I think she's one of the prettiest of all the Tiny Kitty dolls that has come out over the past few years.  I thought I'd post some live pics.

Here, Garden Club Luncheon is redressed into the green gown that came out in 2013 called "I Danced All Night."  I love the color!  It's such a beautiful shade of light green.  It makes me think of a Disney princess gown, though.  It doesn't help that the gown comes with pastel blue elbow-length gloves (instead of green or white).  It makes her look even more Disney-princess-y with the unmatching gloves on.  Still, the dress is pretty nice.  It doesn't come with undies, but it comes with some cute matching green strappy shoes.  The dress fabric seems to be silk dupioni. 

This next outfit is so Hansel and Gretel cute (in a good way).  It's called "Perfect Summer Day," and it's another from 2013.  It also doesn't come with undies.  It does come with an interesting hat that makes me think of Queen Anne's Lace (the plant that makes me sneeze every spring), and it comes with some nice white strappy sandals and wrist-length white gloves.  I love this outfit.  I had problems trying to photograph her with the hat on, though.  Every time I tried, the hat came out brilliant, blinding white, and her face looked dark.  Sigh.

Here is "Perfect Summer Day" modeled on my rerooted Tiny Kitty.  I ended up cutting her hair to just below waist-length, and I like it better now.  When it was down to her ankles, it was tangling super easily.  Like, insanely easily.  Snip-snip.  Much better now.

That hat.  My allergies are kicking in just looking at it.

Tried to photograph her with the hat.  Nope.  Didn't work out so good.  Sorry for the craptastic picture, but this is literally the best pic I could get with the hat on. The hat has an elastic band on the underside, by the way, that you could loop under her chin if you wanted to.

The solid blue sash ends in a big bow at the back, and the whole sash is removable.  If you don't like it or prefer the dress had a simpler look, you can take the sash off.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stripes Suit Me and Kitty's Lunch Date

Well, I guess this is Tiny Kitty week, because I want to show you two Kittys from last year, "Stripes Suit Me" and "Kitty's Lunch Date."  The clothes are just my style.  They're darling day wear-type clothes that look quite nice displayed together.  I never was much of a gown person. 

Kitty's Lunch Date (the brunette) reminds me of Karen Walker from the show "Will & Grace."  She's just so perfectly Karen!  She needs a tiny martini glass.  LOL.  I don't totally love the eye screening on her.  Too many dark lashes on both the top and bottom of the eye make her look like she went crazy with the mascara.

Stripes Suit Me is just so cute, and has a great face screening, in my opinion.  I'd really like to see a return to the older Tiny Kitty face screenings, but if we can't have that, I hope they do more with this screening, particularly with long, loose hair.  I'm starting to get a little bored with the typical tight updo that most Tiny Kittys have now.  I know they're supposed to be classy little '50s ladies, but loose hair is just more FUN than hair in a tight updo. 

The outfits on both dolls are slim-fitting dresses made from knit fabrics, that snap in the back.  Both have separate jackets.  I took pictures of both with their jackets off so you can see the dresses underneath.  Here's Kitty's Lunch Date without the jacket:

Both outfits come with classic-style pumps.  "Stripes Suit Me's" shoes are this wonderful eggplant purple that I absolutely love.  I have to show you a picture of them.  I want an entire outfit in that color!  "Lunch Date's" shoes are the same style, but in antique gold.

There was an unusual issue with the head on Stripes Suit Me when I first got her.  The first time I took her out of the box, I thought her head was shaped a little odd.  I then realized her head was thinner than the heads on my other Tiny Kitty dolls.  It looked like she was a different sculpt.  I had the idea to wrap a heating pad around her head to soften the vinyl, in the hope that maybe the head on that particular doll just was pulled out of the mold funny, thus causing the unexpected head shape.  So, I heated her head, and when her head cooled down again, the shape was improved!  My hunch was right.  I think when they pulled this doll's head out of the mold at the factory, it got slightly misshapen, then hardened that way when it cooled.  It ended up being a simple fix.  I think she looks beautiful now.

See ya,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tiny Kitty reroot!

I wanted to show you a Tiny Kitty reroot I did.  It took me an entire year to complete it.  LOL. 

Well, I started rerooting this Tiny Kitty roughly a year ago, and then when it was half-finished, she ended up being put away and forgotten.  I just discovered that the Tonner Doll Company currently has many of their Tiny Kittys on sale (except for the 2015 girl), and it made me think of this uncompleted reroot project.  So I dug out the box with my rerooting stuff in it and the poor, half-bald Tiny Kitty head, and finished the hair in two days. 

The color I used is actually a blend of two colors of saran.  It's a blend of "platinum blonde" and "snow white" (as the colors are called on dollyhair.com).  I wanted a super-pale Snow Queen blonde; something different from the usual shade of golden-yellow you generally see on Tiny Kitty dolls.  I'm kind of loving the insanely-long hair.  It's Rapunzel meets Elsa from "Frozen."  I'm not sure I want to cut it.

She's one of the older basic Tiny Kittys from 2004, but I put her on the newer-style body with the articulated arms, stolen from 2013's "Dinner Dance."  The newer bodies DO match the skin color of the older dolls, so you can upgrade the bodies of your older dolls with the new ones.  You'd of course heat the vinyl up first by wrapping the doll in a heating pad on "high" in order to get the vinyl soft.  This is so you can switch heads easily. ... If you just use brute force to take the heads off and put them on, you can break off the neck knob or crack the neck. 

She's wearing the dress from "Dinner Dance" Tiny Kitty.  The rhinestone brooch in the pictures (at her waist) came with the outfit, and it's a separate piece.  The brooch is meant to go with the matching coat, but I thought it was cute as an accent at her waist.  It's an unbelievably-detailed, high-quality piece of jewelry for a doll!  It was worth getting Dinner Dance just for the dress and brooch. 

This last pic is one I took last year when I first started the reroot.  It's such a relief to finally see her finished! 

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I'm back

Hi.  Sorry it's been so long since I did the blog.  My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out a few days ago, and she's doing well so far.  Recovering nicely, and eating lots of chocolate ice cream.  My mother and brother came down to visit for the surgery, so I'd spent the last two weeks cleaning the house like mad.  But at least the tonsil surgery is over, and my house is clean, so I finally have time to blog again.

I had a Tiny Kitty tucked away that I'd started rerooting an entire YEAR ago.  Since I was staying home with my daughter anyway, I spent the past two days finishing the long-neglected reroot.  I'll post pictures of the finished rerooted Kitty soon.  In the meantime, you can see a picture I took last year, when I first started rerooting her head.