Saturday, March 22, 2014

The 16" Poppy Parker Fashion Teens

My MegaPoppy Quartet.
The Glad Game, right out of the box.
I thought I'd revisit these dolls, since I just got "The Glad Game" (the blonde) in a trade.  I wanted to show her off, and also show my others redressed.  Integrity Toys will be releasing another collection of the 16" Poppys later this year.  I asked them in an e-mail, and they confirmed it.  I can't wait to see what the new collection looks like!

Glad Game and Magic Moment have the same eye screening.
They need to do another brown-eyed one, for sure.  The only 16" Poppy so far to have brown eyes was "Love Letters" from 2012.  That's it.

In fact, there has been an over-abundance of blue eyes in the collections from 2012 and 2013.  Of a total of nine, SIX of them have blue eyes (Magic Moment's eyes are half grey and half aqua blue, but overall look blue).  I think the Poppy Fashion Teens must all be Swedish or something.  LOL!  Blonde hair is also slightly over-represented, with four blondes out of the nine.  So listen up, Integrity!  We need more brown and grey eyes in the next collection, eh?  Oh, and more black hair.  Winter Wowzers is the only one with that fabulous raven-black hair. 

After the gel was washed out of her ponytail.
Winter Wowzers, by the way, is definitely my favorite.  Her sassy, know-it-all expression is just priceless.  I now have one Poppy in each hair color!  Yay! 

I washed out Wowzer's ponytail in the sink.  I didn't boil it or anything ... just washed it out with liquid dish detergent to get out the gunky hair gel.  It washed out beautifully!  I think the ponytail looks much better, now.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Click here to see what the ponytail looked like originally.  Now it's soft, and much more natural-looking.

Here's a rundown of all the 16" Poppy Parkers released so far. 

Love Letters:  brown eyes, blonde hair
Shop Around:  blue eyes, platinum blonde hair
Precious Love:  blue eyes, dark brown hair
Spring Morning:  green eyes, red hair

It's A Wrap (convention basic):  blue eyes, brown hair

Winter Wowzers:  blue eyes, black hair
The Glad Game:  green eyes, blonde hair
One Fine Day:  blue eyes, blonde hair
Magic Moment:  grey-aqua blue eyes, red hair

So many blue eyes!  Maybe the 16" Poppys were descended from Vikings.

From left:  Glad Game, Winter Wowzers and It's a Wrap.

Rocking a Tyler Wentworth outfit.

Love the jewelry!

By the way, here are the fashion credits:

1. Winter Wowzers (black hair) is wearing the "Food For Thought" outfit, made by Tonner for the Cami and Jon dolls, and the earrings from "The Happening" Poppy Parker. 
2. Magic Moment (red hair) is wearing a "Tyler" outfit and hat, also by Tonner, and her own earrings.
3. It's A Wrap (brown hair) is wearing a purple lace dress that I made, myself.  I made it for the Tonner "Antoinette" dolls, but it fits the 16" Poppy Fashion Teens perfectly.  She's wearing Fashion Royalty earrings. 
4. The Glad Game is in her own original outfit.

Thanks for looking!  Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patience Weasley

This photo shoot was a MUST, considering I already had the Griffindor outfit sitting in a drawer (on a now-naked Tonner Hermione doll).  I already had the phoenix, too.  I'd bought it a couple of years ago, thinking I might do a Harry Potter photo shoot just like this one.  So I now present to you:  Patience Weasley, the cousin of Ron and Ginny!  

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you aren't a Harry Potter fan.  LOL!  My whole family was CRAZY about those books when they came out.  Even my mom and dad.

The outfit is an exact fit, since Patience shares the same body as the 12-inch series of Tonner Harry Potter dolls.  This girlie is a rewigged "Ahoy" Patience by Wilde Imagination.  A size 8-9" wig fits perfectly.

I'm not sure I got a picture of it, but the cloak actually has a miniature Griffindor crest on the left breast.  It's really detailed and wonderful.

Patience doesn't quite trust the bird not to bite.

The phoenix was made by a company called Safari Ltd.  I bought it from Michael's Craft Store for around $5.  It's surprisingly fragile for a plastic figurine.  If you dropped it on a hard floor, the wings and tail would break.

This is the Hermione doll the outfit came off of.  If you wanted to get the outfit, remember that the Tonner Doll Company did both a 12-inch Hermione and a larger 17-inch version.  This outfit is from the 12-inch one. You can see how nice it looks here without the cloak. They never did sell these outfits separately, unfortunately.  You'd have to buy the doll to get the clothes.  The cloak was sold separately, at least.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Ahoy Patience by Wilde Imagination

I saw the words "non-removeable wig" on the description of Ahoy Patience, and I regarded it as my own personal challenge.  Hee hee!  Apparently, I'm not happy unless I'm devaluing my dolls.  I've been really intrigued by these Patience dolls by Wilde Imagination, and finally one is living at my house.  It was a close race between Ahoy and the Alice in Wonderland Patience.  Really, the only reason Ahoy won out is because she was wigged instead of rooted.  The wig was glued down, but that never stopped me before.  I peeled the wig up carefully from the back and ... now I have my own, totally unique Patience!

She's cute.  Super cute.  I won't do an entire review of her, since the Toy Box Philosopher already did a detailed review of Ahoy.  This is my first Patience, and I like her enough that I'd want a second.  She has this facial expression that makes her look so inquisitive!  

The blonde pics are Ahoy just out of her box.  The black hair is a size 8-9" wig I had lying around.  It's one of those annoying wigs where the hair is always hanging in the doll's face, thus the barrettes.  Might have to get another wig.

The striking feature about this doll is that her eyes are attached to the head via tiny hinges on the tops and bottoms.  You can alternate her eyes looking either right or left.  She doesn't look straight ahead all that well.  You CAN get her to look straight ahead, but she ends up with a bit of a surprised expression when you try it, for some reason.  (I'll include a pic later so you can see what I mean.)

The eyes are completely unlike Pullips and Blythe dolls, which people like to compare with Patience.  I have a Pullip, and the eyes on Pullips move back and forth via a switch on the backs of their heads.  (Like a light switch on its side.)  Patience doesn't have a switch.  Her eyes move independently from one another, so she can appear cross-eyed as well as side-glancing, or her eyes can bug out in opposite directions if you want them to.   Her eyes move when she moves, but they like to settle naturally into the right-glancing or left-glancing positions. 

The other thing I wanted to mention is that she can share clothes and shoes with Tonner's Marley Wentworth and his 12" Harry Potter dolls.  Yay!  Griffindor clothes for Patience!  I actually have a few Marley clothes in a drawer somewhere.  I'll have to get them out and play.

And now for a few more pictures. ...

This is what the eyes look like when she isn't glancing to the side.

Thanks for looking.