Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Generation Chip

I was taking pics of "My Generation" Chip Farnsworth yesterday and thought I'd post them.  He's a handsome guy!  I love this sculpt, and I'm so glad I bought him.  He has a whole lot of character.  I adore the smirk.  I wish they'd named him something other than Chip, though.  LOL.  I know they plucked that name straight out of some 1960s sitcom, but still, they could have gone with something cooler than that.  At the very least, they could have called him Charles or something.

From now on, I shall call him Charles Farnsworth.  He shall never be known as Chip in this house again. ;)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat and hat.  Very cool.  By the way, doesn't he look like he could be Lukas's happier little brother? 

Missed the Integrity convention AGAIN ...

Well, I couldn't go to Integrity Toys' Tropicalia convention this year.  This makes the 437th year in a row I haven't made it to the convention.  Sigh.  Maybe one day ...

I've been busy updating my other blog, the Poppy Parker information resource, found here.  I think Poppy Parker is my favorite doll line EVER.  I just find their faces so charming, and I ADORE the '60s fashions!  I haven't been able to get a single one of the convention dolls (yet), but I'm hoping that will change.  Right now I just need to be glad of what I have.  I just bought a new car to replace my old dented clunker I've been driving for the past 10 years.  It's the first time in my life I've ever had a NEW car and not a used one.  Ever.  I guess that was a good trade-off for not spending money to attend the convention, right? 

Omigosh, I LOVE the convention dolls!  I've been watching the Flickr pages of several of the convention attendees, drooling over their con pics as they come in.  That Poppy Parker table centerpiece is absolutely stunning ("Sea Breeze") and has become one of my Holy Grail dolls.  I also love the new Adele with the enormous hair, and the Poppy gift set ("Hot Dots").  The blonde Erin is pretty, as is the striking, tan-skinned Imogen.  Table centerpiece Eugenia is divinely beautiful! 

I like that they did a black-haired Natalia.  Her hair is wonderful!  I think that sculpt runs the risk of all looking the same after a while, so it's nice to see one with lovely long raven hair.  Natalia has a pretty sculpt, but it's not one of their most versatile ones. 

Since I couldn't attend Tropicalia, I spent some time taking pictures of "My Generation" Chip from the Poppy Parker line.  I'll post his pictures in a little while.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have a new favorite dollie now. Agnes.

Had to re-dress "Truly Madly Deeply" Agnes into her second outfit!  I was relieved to find that her second outfit, this coral suit, fits her perfectly with no issues.

Gah, I love the Agnes sculpt!  She has such an amazing facial expression.  Like I said in my last post, this is my first Aggie.  I've been wanting an Agnes for a couple of years now, but since I can't go to Integrity Toys conventions and Agnes is generally a convention doll, I've never been able to buy one.  Sure, I could have paid $300 for one on eBay, but I wanted to get one for retail price, not 2-3 times above retail.  I feel SO LUCKY I was finally able to get the Aggie I've been wanting!

Now for more pictures!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Agnes and Erin arrived! Here's my review

This is my very first Agnes and my very first Erin.  I'm blown over by the beauty and detail on Truly Madly Deeply Agnes!  She came with a second outfit as well, but I haven't gotten around to photographing it.  I'm not usually a fan of the color chartreuse (this gown) or coral (her second outfit), but in person the outfits are wonderful and I like them a whole lot more than I expected I would. 

Truly Madly Deeply Agnes's face is stunning and the paint is simply perfect.  I even like her hairstyle, which has cute ringlets on one side.

My one gripe is they sewed the long train of the skirt to the box in three or four places, and it ruined the fabric.  A lot of types of fabric can withstand this type of abuse just fine, but it definitely hurt this satin (or is it silk?).  The train of her skirt has tiny puncture wounds where the needle went through, and they are pretty obvious.  I'm trying not to look at them.

Besides that, the details of the outfit and jewelry are marvelous.  I love the tiny ring, which exactly matches her earrings.  I'm already expecting to lose it.  LOL.  Something that tiny that falls off her finger so easily will get lost in my messy house REALLY fast. Click on the pictures to make them larger.  

 This is the new sculpt Erin.  I was never a fan of the original sculpt, but loved High End Envy Erin's promo pics, so I took a chance and bought her.   Now that I've seen her in person, I'm afraid she's still not completely my cup of tea.  Her face shape resembles the original sculpt, which is nice for fans of the original sculpt.

Her face paint and clothing are perfect, but I don't think I'll be keeping this one.  I have too many bills to pay right now to keep a doll I don't love completely.  (I need a new car to replace the dented, old piece of junk I'm driving now, and that's factoring BIG TIME into my end-of-the-year budget.)  I'll be listing her on The DollPage Show & Sell tonight or tomorrow.
(EDIT:  Erin has been sold.  Sorry, Erin!  You were voted off the island.)