Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sick and miserable this week ...

Between being sick this week and the neighbors getting their roof fixed, I haven't taken a whole lot of pics in the past couple of days.  You might wonder what the neighbors' roof has to do with anything. ...

I take my best pictures outdoors, because I'm lucky enough to have a 6-foot wooden privacy fence so I don't have to deal with my neighbors staring at me like I'm a crazy lady while I take pictures of dolls.  LOL.  For the past few days, there have been workers up on my next-door neighbors' roof, and they can see down right into my back yard.  Sigh.  I'm way too self-conscious to have them staring at me while I take photographs of my dolls. 

I tried to take pictures indoors yesterday, and this was the only pic that came out decent.  It's FR:16 Anais, looking beautiful and fierce.  I love her like this, so I had to share.  The sweater is by Tonner, and the earrings are from Rock Wedding Lilith.  I made the headband.

The Tonner company always made the BEST sweaters.  I wish they'd release more sweaters like this, in different colors.  I don't think they ever did this sweater in blue or purple.  They released versions of this sweater in off-white, green, pink, black and orange, but you can only buy them on the secondary market, now. 

Later, alligator,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Most Sophisticated Sabrina arrived today!

"Most Sophisticated" Sabrina arrived today!  She's one of a set of dolls by Integrity Toys based on the 1954 movie "Sabrina."  Gosh, she's amazing in person.  She comes with three outfits.  I haven't even finished deboxing ... I was too excited and had to start snapping photographs right away.  I haven't even gotten her two other outfits and the purse and suitcases out of the box, yet.

Here are my initial pics.  This is the only Sabrina doll I got.  I would have loved to have gotten all four, but my budget wouldn't allow it. 

I adore this dark navy blue suit!  It's the outfit the character in the movie wears when she returns home from Paris.  She arrives at the train station, waiting for her father to pick her up.  Her father is delayed, but by a happy coincidence that only happens in movies, her long-time crush, David, just happens to drive by.  What luck!  LOL.  (I re-watched the movie recently while waiting on this dollie.)

The only thing the doll is missing is Audrey Hepburn's wide, charming smile.  You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monogram Admiration

I was finally able to get Monogram "Admiration" on the secondary market from a very nice lady in California.  Thanks, Oasis!  I'd been wanting "Admiration" and "Allure" from the 2012 Monogram collection ever since pics of them debuted early this year.  I still don't have "Allure," but maybe someday. ... 

The outfit on "Admiration" is divine!  The shoes are wonderful, and fit perfectly (sorry, I didn't get pics of those).  She comes with a perfect, tiny little purse the same shade of brick red as her blouse and hat.  I love her whole 1940s look. 

The doll herself has applied eyelashes, and her hair is a nice, neatly-braided bun.  I posed her here with Monogram "Envied."   I always thought "Envied" was an under-rated Monogram, but she looks amazing redressed.  She makes a perfect sister for "Admiration." 


Friday, June 1, 2012

DC Comics girlies

I realized I had these two lovelies displayed up on my desk gathering dust, so figured I should do a photo shoot.  These are the 13-inch tall Tonner Wonder Woman and Artemis dolls.  Artemis is another character in Wonder Woman's comic book universe.  She was a special edition done for Comic Con 2010.  Anyway, I thought she was cool. 

I bought Wonder Woman because I was a big fan of the character as a child.  I guess I just loved the "girl power" aspect of watching a raven-haired beauty kick men's asses.  LOL!

When Tonner said he was debuting his DC Comics characters in the 13" size, I was excited about it.  At the time, I thought I might be collecting many of them.  Then he came out with a few others in the series (Catwoman, Black Canary) and gave them all the SAME face sculpt.  I stopped buying them, then.  That sucked, because I would have loved to buy a 13" Catwoman if she'd had a different face sculpt.  Sigh.  Tonner is coming out with two more face sculpts for the 13" body later this year, so I have high hopes that one day we'll see different faces for the 13" DC comics girlies.