Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monogram Admiration

I was finally able to get Monogram "Admiration" on the secondary market from a very nice lady in California.  Thanks, Oasis!  I'd been wanting "Admiration" and "Allure" from the 2012 Monogram collection ever since pics of them debuted early this year.  I still don't have "Allure," but maybe someday. ... 

The outfit on "Admiration" is divine!  The shoes are wonderful, and fit perfectly (sorry, I didn't get pics of those).  She comes with a perfect, tiny little purse the same shade of brick red as her blouse and hat.  I love her whole 1940s look. 

The doll herself has applied eyelashes, and her hair is a nice, neatly-braided bun.  I posed her here with Monogram "Envied."   I always thought "Envied" was an under-rated Monogram, but she looks amazing redressed.  She makes a perfect sister for "Admiration." 


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  1. I fell under this beauty's spell. I just bought her from a friend and she should arrive early next week. I swore I wasn't going to do Monogram's LOL. Admiration won me over. Love her suit and her overall look :O)