Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just In Time Ellowyne Wilde

I took these pictures a while ago and then never got around to posting them!  This is "Just In Time" Ellowyne by Wilde Imagination.  Her outfit is so fun and steampunk-y.  She comes with the goggles and the hat.  The goggles are on an elastic band, and can be worn by the doll, or draped over the hat as decoration.  She looks so funny with the goggles on, so I had to show you a picture.  (They don't really have lenses, though.)  The hat also has an elastic band you can loop under her chin, so it stays on her head quite nicely. 

I haven't undressed her yet, but I can see she has a cream-colored blouse on underneath the jacket.  The jacket fastens in front with snaps. 

The original promo pics of this doll showed her with green eyes, so that's what I was expecting, but mine came with blue eyes!  I was astounded to see the surprise eye color, but she was so pretty that I didn't make an issue of it to the company.  Since I bought her, Wilde Imagination has since changed the listing to say "blue eyes" instead of green, and photoshopped one of the promo pics to change her eye color.  LOL! 

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lalaloopsy Tinies

These belong to my daughter, but I thought I'd photograph them for the blog.  They're just so stinking cute.  They're only 1 inch high!  (2.5 centimeters.) 

I won't do a review, but I had to share the cuteness.  It's like having a little tiny army of sweetness in the house.  The only thing I don't like about them is that they all have very tiny holes in the tops of their heads, going all the way through to the bottoms of the feet, like the company that made them (MGA Entertainment) thought kids would want to string them like beads.  I suppose you could make a doll necklace out of them if you wanted to.  A CUTE doll necklace.

As usual, click on the pictures to make them bigger.  I try to keep the pictures a reasonable size on the main page so the page will load faster.

A zelf decided to jump into the picture. What could I do? 

The one on the left is wearing a doughnut for an outfit.  LOL.

Later, alligator.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Photo shoot with the 16" girls

With the reveal of the 2014 Poppy Parker Fashion Teens, I was inspired to take pictures of a few of my 16" girls.  This is "Winter Wowzers" in an Alex outfit; "One Fine Day" in the outfit from FR16 Obsidian Culture Hanne; and "Spring Morning" in One Fine Day's clothes.

I've discovered the older I get, the worse my eyesight gets.  And the worse my eyesight gets, the more I like 16" dolls over 12".  Sigh.

Now two last pictures, of "One Fine Day" and "It's A Wrap." I took these pictures last week, but haven't had an opportunity to post them yet. Poor Wrap gets outshined in pretty much every picture she's in because of her muted face paint.  Here she's favoring Kate Middleton in a white Tonner outfit with a feathery fascinator, and Fashion Royalty earrings.  "Day" is wearing Gene Marshall.  It is super nice that these girls (and Tulabelle, too) can wear both Gene outfits and Alex outfits, as well as most Tonner clothes.

I've noted that Alex pants are short in the leg for them, but they do fit in the waist. I've never owned an Alex, but she must be a shorter girl.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

New 16" Poppy Parker Fashion Teens

Integrity recently revealed their 2014 Poppy Parker Fashion Teen 16" collection!  Love all of them, although so far I've only ordered the two brunettes.  I kept watering and fertilizing that money tree, but it's just not growing very fast this year.  As soon as it blooms, I'll get the other two. 

The theme this year is a trip to Paris, and these outfits were apparently what designer David Buttry imagined Poppy wore at various times during her Paris stay.  Love that.  Very creative!

The one that seemed the most popular on the W Club forum (Integrity Toys' official club forum) was "Fashionably Suited," the one in the pink suit and navy blue hat.  Gorgeous, and she's my favorite of the group.  She made me think of actress Olivia de Havilland, probably just because of the hair and eye color.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of beautifully-tailored suits (both on dolls AND on people), so I had to get this one.  The doll looks like she'll have several nice mix-and-match pieces, because she has on a navy blue "shell"-type top on underneath the pink suit jacket.  The bow at the neck is actually a separate scarf, not connected to the blouse.  I love the hat, too.  The  MegaPoppys always come with the best hats.

And I'm SO GLAD there is another brown-eyed 16" Poppy, because up until now, there has only ever been ONE brown-eyed 16" Poppy, and that was Love Letters from a couple years ago. 

My second choice was the one in the lavender beach wear.  Swimsuits, however, are a throw away outfit for me ... meaning I throw them in a drawer and never look at them again.  Ha!  Not a swimsuit fan, although the lavender ruffles are so beautifully done.  It really IS a pretty swimsuit, but I don't want my dolls standing around in swimsuits.  The beach beauty is called "Sunny Splash."  Her face paint is wonderful.  I think this will be a beautiful doll redressed.  I have zero interest in the outfit.

My third favorite was "Ma Cherie," the green-eyed blonde in the turquoise dress.  The dress is very reminiscent of the dress from the 12" Foto Fab Poppy.  I loved it on her, and I love it in 16" form as well.  The styles are a bit different; the 16" dress is not an exact replica of the 12" one.  It's a lovely style, though, and fluffy cocktail dresses are my absolute favorite among favorites, so I'll have to get this one for her clothes eventually.

I do like her face as well, though.  I don't normally dig bright blue eyeshadow on dolls, but it looked so good on last year's Winter Wowzers that I have high hopes it will look great on Ma Cherie as well.

Last on my list is the platinum blonde in the coral gown, who is called "Floating Dream."  Seeing this gown reminded me of a similar Tonner gown in coral, which he did both in the 22" size AND in the 10" size for Tiny Kitty.  Integrity's version isn't TOO similar to Tonner's, but it would have helped if they hadn't been the same color.  LOL.  I have to say, the ruffles on the Integrity gown look very opulent and amazing.  The Tonner gown didn't have the ruffles or the sequins on the skirt, and the bodice was cut differently.

I would have loved this Poppy gown in a bronze-brown, especially if the doll had had brown eyes, too.  I never loved coral, anyway (or chartreusse, either).  She's pretty, though, and I don't have a 16" Poppy with that hair color yet.  I'm not really sure if I'm going to get this one or not.  We'll see.

Here's the Tonner gown I mentioned, on "Champagne Supper" Tiny Kitty.  I just thought it would be interesting to compare the two.  There are a lot of differences, so it's very obvious that one isn't a copy of the other.  I think it's more a matter of there only being a finite number of colors in this world, and that both gowns reflect the same time period, the 1950s and 1960s.  I love the clothing from that period, which is probably why I'm both a Tiny Kitty fan AND a Poppy Parker fan.