Thursday, August 29, 2013

Revisiting Tiny Kitty

I always liked Tiny Kitty, but I only have one: Goldilocks, here.  I used to have two, but sold one ages ago to pay for something else. ... What else is new, right?  That's the story of my doll collecting life. 

I had to look up which Tiny Kitty this is, because I sure didn't remember.  I think she's the Basic Blonde from 2004. ... One of the straight-armed dolls, before they were given more articulation.  The outfit she's wearing is "Charity Luncheon"  and is one of my favorite TK outfits of all time.  I'm so glad I still have the outfit after all this time!

I had to photograph her, because Tonner recently revived the Tiny Kitty line, and showed us the first new TK collection since FOREVER!  (Since 2008.)  I'm so excited about this!  She's such a charming doll.   I love her proportions; I love her sweet face, and I love the darling outfits.

I remember they frequently came with underwear in addition to pantyhose, which was nice, too and definitely something you don't see in most doll lines.  (Dontcha hate when dolls come with pantyhose, but no panties?  If the hose is too sheer, it looks obscene.  LOL.)

I have to admit, I ordered one from the new collection.  I got "Garden Club Luncheon."  I couldn't resist raven hair with gray eyes and red lips.  Plus, that pink hat!  The hat is insane.  (In a good way, of course.)  The basic black sandals will be useful for mixing-and-matching other outfits, too.  ... A good thing for me, because I have a grand total of three outfits for this girl and only ONE pair of shoes, the ones you see in the pic.

If you want to check out Tonner's Tiny Kitty archive, you can find it here.  Unfortunately, it's incomplete and missing a few versions. A more complete Tiny Kitty reference can be found here.  There is also a large Tiny Kitty web site/resource here.

L-R: Garden Club Luncheon and Pink Champagne Supper Tiny Kitty
Dinner Dance Tiny Kitty, with and without her coat
Below are a few of the new Tiny Kittys.  (Photos property of the Tonner Doll Company.)  In addition to these, there is also a basic wigged doll in lingerie, and three separate outfits.

You can see the current Tiny Kitty collection at the Tonner Doll Company web site.