Sunday, January 29, 2012

IDEX 2012 dollies

I would have given an arm and sacrificed a chicken to have attended IDEX this year.  The annual doll trade show was held in Orlando and ends today.  Luckily, we have the Flickr streams of a couple of people who made it to the trade show and were kind enough to post pictures.  They're here:

Toy Zoo's pics:

JennFL's pics:

Thanks to the wonderful people who went through all the trouble to take these pictures and post them on Flickr so we could see them, too! 

My personal favorite collections were the new 2012 Integrity Toys' Poppy Parker as Sabrina line (with costumes from the 1954 movie "Sabrina") and their 2012 FR: Monogram offerings.  I'm trying not to spend too much money right now, because there are more 2012 doll collections right around the corner and it's only January. ...

And speaking of Integrity Toys, they just announced that there will be a 16-inch version of Poppy Parker now that can share shoes with their new collection of FR:16 dolls (16-inch fashion dolls that are taking the place of their former AvantGuard line).  I can't wait to see what else they have to offer us this year!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More BFC Ink girlies

BFC Ink dolls "Aliesha" and "Nicolette" re-dressed.

My Target just got in more BFC Ink dolls, and I had to get one.  The new one is "Nicolette" from their 2012 Pen Pals series.  The original promo pics of this doll had shown her with blue eyes, but the actual dolls were produced with brown eyes.  I love the change; I think she looks lovely with her big brown eyes! 

It seems the Pen Pals series is suffering from some factory quality control issues, though, in regard to their eyes.  Of the eight dolls my Target got in, FOUR of the eight ended up having wonky eyes. ... Eyes that were pointing in different directions.  Ack!  It was such a shame, because as you can see, when their eyes are straight they are really lovely, charming dolls.  I hope the company that makes them can correct this issue.  They need to send someone over to the factory to bitch-slap someone into doing some better quality control.  LOL. 

"Nicolette" from the 2012 Pen Pals BFC Ink series.
I feel like I might need a third BFC Ink girl.  I just want to buy her in person (instead of online) so I can hand-select the one with the best eyes.

Poppy Parker-palooza!

"Foto Fab" and "Perfectly Purple" Poppy Parker dolls.

These are absolutely my favorite dollies in the whole world.  I somehow managed to acquire FOUR of them in the past month.  I got the convention Poppy Parker "Ready, Steady Go!" through a doll trade with a really wonderful person.  The other three were pre-orders I've been waiting on.  The quality is surreally wonderful, and those faces are SO CHARMING!  I could swoon.  I really could.

"Sweet Confection" Poppy Parker redressed.
I've already added a bunch of new photos to my Poppy Parker information resource, here.   It's not meant to be a running blog like this one.  Instead, it's meant to chronicle the Poppy Parker line of dolls by Integrity Toys so people can keep track of them all.  It has information about every Poppy ever made, as well as the other characters that come out for the Poppy line.

I can't wait to re-dress my "Foto Fab" and "Perfectly Purple."  As most of you know, these two were REALLY, REALLY late in production. It literally took 10 months between the time I ordered them and the time they arrived on my doorstep.  It was like waiting on a pregnancy plus a month!  They were totally worth the wait. I guess it takes time to make perfection happen.  LOL. 

That's not the longest I've ever waited for a doll, though.  The longest time was when I had to wait for an Annette Himstedt club doll during the (one) year I was in the Himstedt club.  The wait for that girl was 11 months!  I love Himstedt dolls, too, but never really got into them much because they are SO BIG.  I'd need a mansion to be able to collect dolls that size. They sure have lovely faces, though.

"Ready, Steady Go!" re-dressed.
I feel lucky to have been able to get "Ready, Steady Go!" This is one Poppy I never thought I'd be getting, because I usually don't buy the convention table centerpiece dolls from the Integrity Toys events. (Too expensive, usually. ...)  I got her in a trade and am very happy to have been able to add her to my collection. 

L-R:  "Simply Simpatico" Darla Daley, "Confection" Poppy and "Ready, Steady Go!" Poppy.