Sunday, January 8, 2012

More BFC Ink girlies

BFC Ink dolls "Aliesha" and "Nicolette" re-dressed.

My Target just got in more BFC Ink dolls, and I had to get one.  The new one is "Nicolette" from their 2012 Pen Pals series.  The original promo pics of this doll had shown her with blue eyes, but the actual dolls were produced with brown eyes.  I love the change; I think she looks lovely with her big brown eyes! 

It seems the Pen Pals series is suffering from some factory quality control issues, though, in regard to their eyes.  Of the eight dolls my Target got in, FOUR of the eight ended up having wonky eyes. ... Eyes that were pointing in different directions.  Ack!  It was such a shame, because as you can see, when their eyes are straight they are really lovely, charming dolls.  I hope the company that makes them can correct this issue.  They need to send someone over to the factory to bitch-slap someone into doing some better quality control.  LOL. 

"Nicolette" from the 2012 Pen Pals BFC Ink series.
I feel like I might need a third BFC Ink girl.  I just want to buy her in person (instead of online) so I can hand-select the one with the best eyes.


  1. I love your photos! Your photography is breathtaking. :)

    Your Nicolette is so sweet. Nicolette and Britt are my 2 favorite Pen Pals dolls. :) I recently ordered Britt online, and although her eyes aren't as bad as some I've seen, they are just a bit off. It bothers me if I look at her straight on for too long. :( She's still lovely, but I think next time I'll definitely buy them in person. I was just impatient because there weren't any available locally yet!

    I recently did a review of my Britt doll on my blog, if you'd like to check it out:


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  3. Replies
    1. I agree too because I'am a toy collector also because I still have one of the very first 18 inch BFC. INK. Dolls & her name is Addison & at the time when I've purchased her out of a New York based Toys R Us her eye color was a much more Light Blue Color plus she had no fully jointed arms or ankles since she & the other 2 were then the first because later on when several more were then introduced this collection featured Latino Twin Sisters, a RedHead named after a Pornstar since she had nearly the same features as the pornstar then one Asian & the last was the only boy but these ones were fully articulated with jointed body parts & all & later on 5 International ones were later introduced because I was then inside of a Philadelphia based Target Store when I only fond 4 out of 5 dolls because the South African doll Lily wasn't even there amongs the collection but I still have several of these here 18 inch creatures because they're so damn cute for dolls like them.

  4. Cool! I'm making a costum Bella Thorne doll so I was looking for a doll with brown eyes and I'm like the hell aren't there any dolls with brown eyes. Then I read this and I'm like I wanna bitch slap whoever messed up the colors