Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patience Weasley

This photo shoot was a MUST, considering I already had the Griffindor outfit sitting in a drawer (on a now-naked Tonner Hermione doll).  I already had the phoenix, too.  I'd bought it a couple of years ago, thinking I might do a Harry Potter photo shoot just like this one.  So I now present to you:  Patience Weasley, the cousin of Ron and Ginny!  

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you aren't a Harry Potter fan.  LOL!  My whole family was CRAZY about those books when they came out.  Even my mom and dad.

The outfit is an exact fit, since Patience shares the same body as the 12-inch series of Tonner Harry Potter dolls.  This girlie is a rewigged "Ahoy" Patience by Wilde Imagination.  A size 8-9" wig fits perfectly.

I'm not sure I got a picture of it, but the cloak actually has a miniature Griffindor crest on the left breast.  It's really detailed and wonderful.

Patience doesn't quite trust the bird not to bite.

The phoenix was made by a company called Safari Ltd.  I bought it from Michael's Craft Store for around $5.  It's surprisingly fragile for a plastic figurine.  If you dropped it on a hard floor, the wings and tail would break.

This is the Hermione doll the outfit came off of.  If you wanted to get the outfit, remember that the Tonner Doll Company did both a 12-inch Hermione and a larger 17-inch version.  This outfit is from the 12-inch one. You can see how nice it looks here without the cloak. They never did sell these outfits separately, unfortunately.  You'd have to buy the doll to get the clothes.  The cloak was sold separately, at least.



  1. I love Patience! She looks great in this wig and outfit. Where did you get her red wig, and how did you re-wig her? Was it hard? I have Ahoy Patience, but I didn't think I could change her wig.

  2. Thanks so much! I bought her wig from an eBay seller in China, actually, because I think the quality of doll wigs you can buy from China are a lot better than some of the wigs you can buy in the United States. I bought it from this seller, here:

    It was so easy to re-wig her! I just used my fingers and started peeling the wig up from the back. It just takes some gentle pulling. (I say "gentle" because you don't want to tear the original wig by accident.) It came right off. You just have to work it off slowly so the original wig isn't damaged.

    Isn't Ahoy cute? I'm really enjoying mine.

  3. Thank you for posting these lovely photos. I know they have been up for a while, but I just discovered the Patience Dolls and I am bowled over in love! They are the CUTEST dolls I've seen in a LONG time. I also have "Ahoy" and "Tokyo" Patience. I love the Harry Potter outfit on Ahoy! ;) Are you a redhead? I am. I still don't have a red headed Patience yet, lol. I sort of hope they don't start producing her again, because I can only collect so many (I'm NOT a doll collector, I just like having a few to photograph ... I also have one Sad Sally ("Gimme all your candy"), which I bought bald and wigged her with an auburn wig. I LOVE Sad Sally, too! Thanks again for this wonderful peek. ;)

    1. Ha Ha...NOT a doll collector, you say? Just like having a few to er, photograph..? And you wigged your "one" Sad Sally. (Holding my belly in amusement.) Denial is the first symptom of addiction.

  4. Hiya. I have dark hair, but BOTH my grandmothers were blue-eyed redheads. (One Irish and one English-descended.) :) So I have a special fondness for redheads.

  5. I love what you've done with your Patience doll, Sydney. I'm hoping to find a similar wig when the time comes and I can get an Ahoy Patience doll one of these days. I really appreciate these lovely photos. Thanks again.

  6. Patience as a Weasley..just perfect! I always thought it was unusual that I had a preference for redheaded dolls, but you and the Toyboxphilosopher have confessed to the same weakness. I guess it's just that redheads are usually striking and so maybe it's not so unusual a preference to have after all. I also own the brown-eyed redhaired Patience. I consider her a key doll in my ever growing collection. Wish I would have gotten an Alice when she was available, or the very first Garden Patience. Do you have any "grail" dolls on your wish list? Any that you own that are particularly special to you?