Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stripes Suit Me and Kitty's Lunch Date

Well, I guess this is Tiny Kitty week, because I want to show you two Kittys from last year, "Stripes Suit Me" and "Kitty's Lunch Date."  The clothes are just my style.  They're darling day wear-type clothes that look quite nice displayed together.  I never was much of a gown person. 

Kitty's Lunch Date (the brunette) reminds me of Karen Walker from the show "Will & Grace."  She's just so perfectly Karen!  She needs a tiny martini glass.  LOL.  I don't totally love the eye screening on her.  Too many dark lashes on both the top and bottom of the eye make her look like she went crazy with the mascara.

Stripes Suit Me is just so cute, and has a great face screening, in my opinion.  I'd really like to see a return to the older Tiny Kitty face screenings, but if we can't have that, I hope they do more with this screening, particularly with long, loose hair.  I'm starting to get a little bored with the typical tight updo that most Tiny Kittys have now.  I know they're supposed to be classy little '50s ladies, but loose hair is just more FUN than hair in a tight updo. 

The outfits on both dolls are slim-fitting dresses made from knit fabrics, that snap in the back.  Both have separate jackets.  I took pictures of both with their jackets off so you can see the dresses underneath.  Here's Kitty's Lunch Date without the jacket:

Both outfits come with classic-style pumps.  "Stripes Suit Me's" shoes are this wonderful eggplant purple that I absolutely love.  I have to show you a picture of them.  I want an entire outfit in that color!  "Lunch Date's" shoes are the same style, but in antique gold.

There was an unusual issue with the head on Stripes Suit Me when I first got her.  The first time I took her out of the box, I thought her head was shaped a little odd.  I then realized her head was thinner than the heads on my other Tiny Kitty dolls.  It looked like she was a different sculpt.  I had the idea to wrap a heating pad around her head to soften the vinyl, in the hope that maybe the head on that particular doll just was pulled out of the mold funny, thus causing the unexpected head shape.  So, I heated her head, and when her head cooled down again, the shape was improved!  My hunch was right.  I think when they pulled this doll's head out of the mold at the factory, it got slightly misshapen, then hardened that way when it cooled.  It ended up being a simple fix.  I think she looks beautiful now.

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  1. Tiny Kitty seems like an overlooked doll. It's too bad, because she is nice and many of her outfits are really nice; others seem a bit "heavy." One of mine is the basic (blonde) wigged Kitty, which makes her a bit more versatile. Right now, she's wearing her Mod Flowers outfit, which I tweaked by cutting off the huge bow at the neck. She's wearing a long blonde wig with ringlets for a really summery look. She's a lot of fun!

  2. Lovely dolls..great reference to Will and grace! I love their outfits, especially the striped one...the colors look gorgeous on her!

  3. Hello from Spain: fabulous outfits. They are very pretty and trendy.We keep in touch

  4. piękne, powabne i takie eleganckie ;D