Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The secret past of the "I Love Minnie" dolls

So ... These sweet little "I Love Minnie" dolls by the Spanish company Famosa caught my eye recently, so I decided to research them a bit. 

I discovered the Toys R Us web site sells them, so I was browsing through their listings. ...

And discovered something really funny in the ads on the side of the page. 



  1. Adorable! And with a criminal history, no less. ROTFL!!!

  2. This is hilarious ... somehow I can just hear Minnie saying to Mickey, "The only crime I'm guilty of is loving you too much, you big rat!"


  3. this is precious. (and i apologize for posting as anonymous or Nony Mouse LOL, i've had issues with FB being hacked so try to avoid linking to sign in thingys)

    I would bet the last name of "doll" is on their automatic flag list. Apparently these ads use some sort of profiling system where if your name sounds ethnic /high crime demographic or pornstar, a person doing a search on you gets this sort of *carp*...