Friday, January 18, 2013


I live in the middle of Alabama, where it only snows once a year.  Ya blink and you'd miss it!  LOL.  We just got our yearly snowfall, and I was totally unprepared for it.  I only had one doll in my entire house that looked like she was dressed for winter, so I grabbed her and threw her outside to get a couple of pictures.  I wish I'd had a few Poppy Parkers already dressed in sweaters, but as it is, I ended up taking pictures of my Ruby Red Galleria "The Jade City" Sugilite.  Hey, she's a cutie, so the pictures ended up being cute, anyway.  So, here she is in the one centimeter of snow that fell on the ground! 

It's really rare here for it to snow more than once a year, so it'll probably be another entire year before I can get another snow picture. 

January in Alabama is awesome.


  1. There is something magical about snow, isn't there. I love your model. These are great photos - thank you for sharing your winter wonderland!

  2. Hello from Spain: never snows in my city. I love the photos in the Snow. This girl is very prepared for snow. I like the outfit. Keep in touch