Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review of Famosa's I Love Minnie dolls

With urging from my 5-year-old daughter, three of these darling little "I Love Minnie" dolls were adopted into my house.  I picked up two at my local Toys R Us.  They only had a very small selection, but at least they had a few.  I ended up ordering the one in red from  I'd ordered one with lavender hair, and they sent the wrong doll.  She was so cute, though, my daughter fell in love with her anyway and didn't want me to send her back.  So, tomorrow we'll try Attempt #2 to get the lavender-haired one. 

Since these dolls aren't terribly common in the United States, I thought I'd do a review.

I like Disney movies, but I don't normally gobble up Disney merchandise.  I really like the faces on these dolls, however.  They remind me of the original Strawberry Shortcake dolls that were around when I was a kid, and a little Holly Hobbie doll I owned (and loved, and made clothes for) from the same time period.  Basically, the faces look a lot like the kinds of dolls that were around in the '70s.  I love that. 

The height on these is barely over 6" (16cm). Their Minnie Mouse ears, clothes and shoes are removable, but their white gloves are not.  They come with cloth underwear.  The shoes are nicely fitted:  Just loose enough that they're easy to get off, but not so loose they'll fall off and get lost.

The arms and legs are a soft plastic and move at the shoulders and hips, but they don't have bending elbows and knees.  The hair is a great quality and seems to be saran, and it's nicely rooted.  My only issue with them is that the mouse ears headband is attached to their heads via tiny plastic ties.  Once you snip off the plastic ties, the headbands don't stay on the head very well.

I have zero interest that the dolls represent Minnie Mouse and Disney.  Really, I'd PREFER if Minnie's face wasn't on all their clothes, but eh, I guess I can deal with it.  They're definitely cute little dolls, though, and the prices are great.  Generally they go for $8-$13 USD, but I've seen them on some sites for prices that have been jacked up to TWICE retail or more.  If you buy these dolls, comparison-shop for prices first.  I saw one normally $8 doll being sold for $25 on one site! 

The dolls are made by the Spanish company Famosa, who licensed the Disney name.  Although they're centered in Spain, they sell all over the world and have bases in several different countries (including New Jersey in the USA).  Famosa is the same company that makes the Pinypons, reviewed here and here.

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