Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My on-again, off-again love affair with Antoinette

When Tonner's Antoinette doll first debuted, I was intrigued.  She came with a lovely new body sculpt that was both highly-articulated and gorgeous.  He's used the Antoinette body for several other dolls since.  I ended up getting two of the original "basic" Antoinettes the first year they debuted.  A couple years later I started getting more into 12-inch dolls and felt I didn't want any larger dolls any longer, so I sold them.  BIG MISTAKE!  I'm regretting it, now.  This past year I was really wishing I had those Antoinettes back, so I decided to finally just buy another one.

This time, though, I ended up getting a 2012 Antoinette Basic Brunette (L.E. 500, cameo skintone).  I love dark-haired dolls, and this one had my all-time favorite hair color.  I also thought this one had a nice face screening, with a serene, sweet expression.  The biggest draw these girls have for me is the tranquil, serene and/or thoughtful facial expressions most Antoinettes have.  ... And those who don't look tranquil usually sport a bit of attitude.  In other words, they all have personality.

I love the combination of the gray eyes with the almost-black hair.  I probably should have gotten a dressed doll instead of a basic, though, because I'm starting to run out of clothes, here.  Hee hee!  I'm going to have to recycle some of my older 16-inch clothes on her until I can make or procure something new for her.  Right now I'm planning on making her something purple.  Wish me luck. 

By the way, the 2012 Basic Antoinettes did NOT come with shoes.  Mildly disappointing.  The Basic Cami dolls all came with shoes (but they were also a little more expensive). 

The coat in the pictures is from Tonner's "Winter Whisper" Sydney.  I made the leopard print dress for my FR:16s, but this one happened to fit Antoinette perfectly. 

I guess she's here to stay, because I know if I sold her I'd just regret it again.  Now on with the pictures!
Her arms seem to have disappeared in this photo.  They're there somewhere, under all that hair. 

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