Friday, February 1, 2013

Sent wrong doll THREE TIMES now ...

I didn't order ANY OF THESE.
I tried a third time to get the lavender-haired I Love Minnie doll.  (Mentioned in my last two posts.)  This time, I ordered from a different company, and ordered from a Toys R Us listing on eBay.  They sent the wrong doll.  The SAME wrong doll. 

I've now gotten the wrong doll three times in a row from two different companies.  The situation is so crazy I had to take a picture.  The two deboxed ones are the ones from  I'm not going to debox the Toys R Us one in case I can get my money back.  My daughter and I will gladly keep two of these cuties, but we don't need three. 

I'm thinking the item numbers must be the same for both the Pajama Party doll (lavender hair) and the Rainy Days doll (black hair) that I keep getting in its place.  Either that, or I'm in the Twilight Zone.  Or The Almighty is playing practical jokes on me. 

Really, the title of this post should have been a "Send in the Clones" joke.


  1. This would have to be frustrating. Your attitude toward it is wonderful!

  2. Well, I was disappointed the first time I got the wrong doll, but started laughing when it happened the second time. The third time it happened, it was initial surprise, followed by disappointment, followed by laughing again. :) I'm too scared to order a fourth one now, though, so I've given up on getting the lavender-haired Minnie doll for the time being.