Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Made a doll dress

It came out a little tight over her bum, but other than that, I'm pleased with it.  It's not for sale.  I just wanted to show it to everyone here.  Poor girl came to me cold and nearly naked.  She needed something to wear!  LOL.  (Literally cold. ... The box sat on my freezing porch for a couple hours before I found it.)  Since I spend way too much money on dolls, I need to save money here and there by making their clothing sometimes.

As much as I love 12-inch dolls, I hate sewing for them.  Too tiny!  I vastly prefer sewing for the 16-inchers like Antoinette, here. 

Her earrings are from a Fashion Royalty doll, but I forget which one.  I love that the 12-inch and 16-inch dolls can share earrings.  ;)


  1. Great work! It is very nice. You and I swapped PPPP for Freya Mossimo(sp?). Is Freya still with you? I am a teacher and my classroom theme is Muppets, so I have lots of Miss Piggy things. I bought a Tonner Piggy rock bottom on the dollpage. I bought a pair of shoes for her (I think they were for a Cissy or Cissette?). They did not fit poor Piggy :(. But, if you'd like to try them out on your dolls I'll mail them to you. They are plastic with stretchy straps. Not sure they will fit b/c I don't have any larger dolls. You are welcome to them. Email me through dollpage if you want them. Hope you are well! I always stop by your blog on my daily internet rounds but I usually don't comment. I had to comment, however, on your excellent effort dressing Antoinette. I live near Tonner's shop in Kingston, NY. It is a very cute shop and the Antoinette shelves are so elegant. Your frock represents her well! don (donbee on show and sell site)

  2. Thanks for the nice comment, and the shoe offer. *Hugs* Wow, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Tonner's store, but I'm afraid it'll never happen. If I did, I'd probably drool all over the place and ruin the dolls, anyway.

    I actually like my Basic Brunette Antoinette so much that I ended up price-shopping until I found a really good deal on a 2010 Antoinette, "Tranquil." I just got her today. (My birthday is next month, so I guess she's my birthday doll, right? LOL.) So I have a second Antoinette coming, now.

    Yes, I still have Freja. She's one of my favorites, actually. I really hope Integrity releases another Freja this year, because I'd love to have another one with that sculpt. She's my favorite of the FR:16s, for sure.