Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review of Raindrops and Roses Lizette

Raindrops and Roses Lizette finally came home to me!  She's part of the Ellowyne Wilde line of dolls, and is marketed as Ellowyne's friend.  I think she manages to steal the spotlight from Ellowyne sometimes, though! 

I love both the doll and the dress.  She looks like a girl dressed for a wedding, or a fairy princess, or maybe just a girl playing dress-up in her froufiest getup.  (Is "froufiest" a word?  I've decided it should be.) 

This girl uses the "honey" skintone.  Wilde Imagination also offers another Lizette with a darker skintone they call "spice."  Raindrops and Roses has inset acrylic eyes that are beautifully detailed, with applied eyelashes.  Her hair is rooted, and is a very dark brown ... not quite black, but almost.  In real life, it's a shade darker than it appears in the promo pics on the Wilde Imagination web site.

The hair is soft to the touch, not stiff with styling product.  I don't know what would happen to this hair if you brushed it.  It'd either survive the brushing just fine, or turn into a frizzy mess.  I have no idea, and don't plan on finding out. 

Raindrops and Roses Lizette with Disquietude Amber.
I mention that she has rooted hair because two of the other Lizettes Wilde Imagination currently offers have removable wigged hair.  That is, they are bald, but each come with two wigs you can use interchangeably.  Very fun, but I prefer rooted hair, myself.

Anyway, the dress!  I never used to like pink, but having a 6-year-old daughter has given me a new appreciation for pink.  The outer portion of the bodice ... more of a lace vest, really ... is removable and separate from the rest of the dress.  I wasn't expecting that!  Underneath, the dress itself fastens in back with snaps.  There is a separate tulle petticoat under the skirt, which is layered in both lace and fine tulle.  She does not have panties, but her lace tights cover her adequately under the skirt.  (Well, mostly ... LOL.  They are lace, after all.)  The tights looked white next to her skin, but after I took them off I realized they're actually cream.

The rose headdress is on an elastic band, so you can slip it around her head or take it off as desired. 

She came with a simple necklace, which was the only part of the doll I found underwhelming.  The necklace is some cheap plastic beads threaded onto a thin ribbon.  Maybe they thought it looked like a necklace a little girl would wear?  Don't know.  It just seems a little odd placed with an otherwise high-quality doll. 

The necklace.  Meh.

Angelic face.

The awkward picture below was meant to show off Lizette's wonderfully-articulated arms and legs.  They hold poses beautifully.  She can touch her forehead, and sit nicely without falling over.  She shares a body with the Ellowyne Wilde and Amber Stanhope dolls, so can share clothing with them.  R&R doesn't come with this undergarments set; I just put it on her so I could show off her jointing. 

She looks so unhappy that I was trying her in goofy poses!  Hee hee.

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  1. She's gorgeous! Lizette has always been hit-and-miss with me, but your photos are lovely, particularly the eighth. Such amazing hair! I used to prefer rooted hair too, but once I started making doll size wool felt hats I began to see the advantage in being able to remove the hair to make a hat block. So now I'm a bit divided. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Lizette!

  2. I had this doll but I sold her because her rooted hair was SO bad. I spent $250 on her, and I was horrified because she was virtually bald on the back of her head. The seller 'bailed' on me, so I ended up selling her at a substantially reduced price with full disclosure. I even wrote Tonner about it. I LOVE Lizette and have eight versions of her, but this girl was not good and I was SO upset. I have only just started reading your blog and as usual I am behind in the times, lol, but I had so much fun perusing your pages. Thank you for what you do. ;)
    I am looking all over for your review and beautiful photos of "Breit Nights" by Tonner, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing them I can't seem to find that post anywhere on here, even when I search, so if you could send me a link to that page, I would be most grateful.
    Thank you and keep blogging. ;)