Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dolls I'm looking forward to

I wanted to talk about some of the dolls I'm currently excited about.  These are all dolls slated to come out later this year, but are only pre-orders at the moment (some are already sold out on pre-order).  No, I don't get any compensation for promoting these dolls.  I never do.  I don't get free dolls, or even a discount on anything.  (I wish!)  Never have.  Heck, none of the doll companies have ever even acknowledged I do this blog.  I just like talking about dolls. 

Anyway, there are several upcoming releases I can't wait to see in person!  Here are a few. ...

Patsyette by the Tonner Doll Company

The original Patsyette debuted in 1931.  When Robert Tonner bought the Effanbee Doll Company in 2002, he reimagined the original Patsyette and created an extremely cute new version that looked like this.

That "new" Patsyette was discontinued eventually, and for a few years, no more were being made.  Now Tonner has brought Patsyette back yet again, in a newer, equally-cute 8" form.  Now she looks like this.

The new line has two dolls (top row) and two outfit-only sets (bottom row).  I have to admit, my maternal instinct went into overdrive when I saw that face.  I ended up getting the two dolls and one of the outfits.  The dolls' only negative is they don't have bending elbows.  I'm still really excited to see them in person!  I mean, how cute is that?!?  They have bending knees, at least, so they'll be able to sit nicely, and let their cute ooze all over my computer desk.

Poppy Parker 12" line by Integrity Toys

I'm a huge Poppy Parker fan, and the new line looks great.  The outfits are based on 1960s spy movies and TV shows.  Integrity ended up throwing a lot of new characters into the line this year, re-using some older Fashion Royalty face sculpts.  I wasn't thrilled they'd re-used FR sculpts, but the dolls DO look good, though.  I couldn't get the entire line, so I just focused on the ones with the Poppy Parker face.  I love the eye screenings on these girlies.  I think they'll be fabulous in person. 

My two favorites are Agent Lotta Danger and Mistress of Disguise.  Mistress of Disguise actually comes with two heads!  One head with the Poppy Parker sculpt (with silver hair and eyes!) and one with the Loni sculpt.  I'm stoked.

Poppy Parker Fashion Teen 16", also by Integrity Toys

No pictures, because the line hasn't been shown yet.  Integrity will be announcing the new 16" Poppys later in the year.  Can't wait!  I hope there will be some brown-eyed dolls, because of the nine dolls already released, only one has brown eyes.  (Yes, I've whined about this before in a previous post.  LOL.)  Anyway, I'm guessing they'll be as fabulous as the 12" dolls.  Maybe even more so, since I don't think they're doing the spy theme for the taller girls. (Not totally a fan of the spy outfits.)  We'll see. 

2014 Kidz 'n' Cats line by Sonja Hartmann

Another series of dolls that haven't made it to the online stores yet, but are available for pre-order.  So cute!  The only reason I don't have a thousand Kidz 'n' Cats is their size.  (American Girl-sized at 18" tall.)  I haven't pre-ordered any of these, but I was looking at their listings on some of the online doll stores and noticed that a couple stores have them on their web site, but don't bother to mention they're pre-orders!  Ack!  I'd be really upset if I bought a doll online not knowing I was getting a pre-order!  If a doll is a pre-order, the online stores need to say so. 

Anyway, the faces are beautiful and the dolls are high quality and personable.  My favorite is the 2014 version of Princess in Pink (below).  Her hair color is so pretty with those blue eyes.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger.


  1. I love Kidz 'n' Cats too. I would like to get one someday, but have neither the doll budget nor the space for one at the moment. My poor Samantha will get a friend eventually!

    I think Tonner has to keep releasing Patsyette dolls to keep the rights to the name. The new faces are awfully cute, but I don't think I like the "big head" look.

  2. They do have slightly big heads! They need full-skirted, fluffy dresses to balance out their head size. LOL. Maybe they're little sisters to Ellowyne Wilde? I'll still be excited to see them in person. I'll have to report on their body/head proportions when I get them.