Monday, June 23, 2014

New Zelf forum news, plus pics of Series 2 Zelfs

Left to right:  Lochlan, Snap Jack, Flitter and Birchy.

OK, so Zelfs happened today. 

I was motivated to photograph a few of mine when I discovered that the very first ever Zelf forum was started just a few weeks ago.  You can find it here.  It's a surprisingly lively forum already, considering it's brand spankin' new. 

These are Series 2 Zelfs.   There is a Series 3 coming out starting next month.  Apparently they've been popular enough that Moose Toys, the Australian company that makes these, has jumped with gusto into doing a third wave.   I haven't heard any news of a fourth wave yet, but I fully expect there will be one.

You can find my original review of these little guys here, plus another post about them here.  :)

These two have dragonfly and Loch Ness Monster themes.

Flitter and Lochlan from the back.  Lochlan's tail moves in a circular motion.

My daughter insisted they should be drinking tea.  LOL.

Birchy is tree-themed, like a little goblin dryad.
Later, alligator.

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