Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Huge announcement on the future of Bratz

The Bratz/Bratzillaz news site Bratz Boulevard just published a big announcement about the future of the Bratz brand.

They say MGA Entertainment is going to (mostly) take a year off from creating Bratz in order to make a giant comeback with the brand in 2015.  Please click on the Bratz Boulevard link to read the article. 

... I was going to illustrate this news with pics of the few Bratz dolls who live here, but this #%@&*#$* blog isn't letting me post pictures this week, for some reason.  I hope it starts working again, later.  Sorry!


  1. I hadn't heard that, but this could explain why I didn't see any Bratz or Bratzillas in Target last week, which I thought was strange. The "Bratz" sign was still up, but not a Bratz doll to be found. It'll be interesting to see what they'll come out with next year.

  2. Yeah, Target has decided to not carry Bratz this year. They're carrying Moxie Girls, but not Bratz. I suspect they'll pick up the Bratz brand again in 2015, though. Toys R Us is still carrying Bratz dolls this year, as far as I know.