Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reminder about club deadlines ...

Fashion Royalty "High Point" Vanessa.
Just a reminder:  The deadline to join Integrity Toys' W Club for this year is Jan. 21st!  The last day to join for the year is only nine days away.  If you miss the deadline, you can't join again for an entire year. 

They're giving fans the choice of three different exclusive dolls for joining this year (their "upgrade" dolls).  One of them is a new brunette Vanessa using the same head sculpt you see in my photo, here.  The others are a wonderful mod-style Poppy Parker (you know I love Poppy!) and a doll for their Jem line.  I was never a Jem fan, but a lot of people like her. 

The Barbie Collector Fan Club is also taking new memberships, if you're a Barbie fan.  Both clubs offer exclusive dolls and are a lot of fun.




  1. Hello from Spain: thanks for your tips. In my country there are no such clubs. Keep in touch

  2. Already rejoined Barbie... Integrity is on the list for this week XD