Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow day! Plus, Kidz 'n' Cats news

I live in a part of Alabama where it only snows once a year.  Sometimes it will skip a year.  Anyway, we just got our once-yearly snowfall, so I of course had to take some snow pictures!

These are the Kidz 'n' Cats dolls "Galina" and "Henriette."  It's my first time photographing Henriette for the blog.  She was a special limited edition of 300, and was signed by artist Sonja Hartmann on the back of her neck.  The Henriettes came in three different eye colors and three different hair colors.  My girl has the "mid-brown" hair and the "grey-green" eyes (really more of a turquoise, but very pretty).

Speaking of Kidz 'n' Cats dolls, the artist has just released photos of her new 2014 collection.  You can find pictures of the 2014 dolls here.  The first seven on that page are all new for this year.  Gorgeous!  Jodie, Paulette and Julia all have the same face sculpt as my Henriette.

On Feb. 8, Ms. Hartmann will be showing the first pictures of a brand new sculpt for the Kidz line!  The new sculpt will be another limited edition like Henriette.

So excited!  Can't wait to see the new sculpt.  You can find the Hartmanns' web site here.  EDIT: Sorry, it turned out to not be a new sculpt at all, but instead uses the Henriette sculpt.  She is still very cute, though!

By the way, Galina's hair looks redder now because I was trying out a new wig on her.  I love the color, but the quality of the wig is not quite as nice as her original.  It's a bit frizzy and dry.  I think I may put her original wig back on her.  :) 

I probably could have posed these girls better, but I was freezing my butt off and didn't want to stay outside any longer than I had to.  LOL!  So, they're looking in random directions, here.  I'm sure Galina was just wishing I'd had an extra pair of boots to put on her.


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  1. Your photos and girls are absolutely darling! Don't you just love snow pictures?!