Thursday, January 9, 2014

My 2013 Bratz

Here are the pics I wanted to put in my last post, but I couldn't get the pictures feature to work.  I've been getting a lot of error messages whenever I try to post here lately.  I hope it's something that can be fixed. 

Anyway, here are my girls!

These are all Bratz dolls that were released last year.  They have the taller, more articulated bodies that came out in early 2013 ... 2 inches taller than previous Bratz lines, with articulated (jointed) arms. 

These are "Totally Polished Meygan" (striped shirt), "My Passion Yasmin"  (tan skin, bun hair), "Twisty Style Yasmin" (tan skin, bangs, yarn in hair), "Twisty Style Cloe" (pink everything), and a red-haired hybrid I made using a head from a short $5 Bratz doll squished on top of one of the tall bodies.    The heads and necks on the tall bodies are the exact same size as the heads and necks on the short bodies, so you can switch heads from tall to short or visa-versa as much as you want.  The neck holes are the exact same size. 

I have no idea whether MGA Entertainment plans on keeping both sizes of Bratz dolls in 2015, or whether they're planning on ditching one of the sizes, or what.  I'll be curious to find out. 

The two Yasmins.

And then there is this beauty. 

 I adore her.  She's so special and perfect, I haven't even taken her out of the box.  (Unheard of, for me!  I'm always obsessive about deboxing.)  This is "Costume Bash Jade" from last year.  She's on the taller body, too.  There were two other 2013 "Costume Bash" dolls ... one was a cowgirl and one was a '60s-style hippy.  They paled in comparison.  I was insanely lucky to even find this one, in Walmart of all places.  She was the last one in the store, tucked behind some unrelated brand.  I almost missed her.  I only even noticed her because I happened to see the name "Jade" written on the side of the box in big letters, and I wondered if it could be another Bratz.  LOL.

The box is slightly scuffed.  I don't care.  She's wonderful.  :)

As always, click on the pictures to make them bigger.

I kept getting error messages the entire time I was doing this post.  Gah!  I think this blog site must be having some problems right now.  :)


  1. I have not been following the Bratz dolls closely but some of these designs look pretty interesting. That Jade doll is just so damn adorable.

  2. She IS pretty adorable. Not something I would ever redress, but she's great to look at. :) I always liked Bratz dolls, but never collected them before last year. I just discovered Big Lots stores have a lot of the shorter 2012 dolls for cheap, so I might be in trouble.