Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Generation Fashions

Probably everyone who has a little girl has noticed the Our Generation line.  The dolls are 18 inches tall, roughly American Girl sized, but more accessible to the casual shopper because stores like Target carry them.  Outfits are (most likely) interchangeable between the two doll lines.  I have a sneaking suspicion the Our Generation fashions are quite popular for use on ANY of the 18" tall child dolls, from any company.  They had quite a big selection of outfit sets when I was last in Target, as well as separate shoe sets and sock sets, and all kinds of fun things for that size doll.  It was like shopping for clothes for your own kid.

I recently bought two of their fashion sets to examine, to use on an 18" doll I have on the way.  (More on that later. ...)

These two fashion sets are called "Red For Anything" and "Sweet in the Heat."  I'll just give them a quick once-over for anyone who's never seen these outfits in detail.  I have to say, I found these outfits a better quality than I'd expected.  The fabrics were soft and a nice quality on both of them, and although not all the inside seams were finished, the neckholes and armholes were finished quite nicely.  The straw hat is even soft and pliable, not stiff.  They have the predictable velcro in the back. 

The shoes were nothing special. ... Just typical playline plastic doll shoes.

I love that the sets come with clothes hangers!  The "Red for Anything" set also comes with a headband, red tights and cranberry-colored shoes.  The dress is all one piece, not a separate skirt and top.  "Sweet in the Heat" also comes with that wonderful hat, pink shoes and a pair of white ankle socks.

That's all for now.  Ta. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these outfits for dolls . Great purchase. Keep in touch