Saturday, October 12, 2013

Garden Club Luncheon Tiny Kitty

"Garden Club Luncheon" is one of the new 2013 Tiny Kittys by Robert Tonner.  She was my first choice, although I love the other two dressed dolls in the collection, too: "Dinner Dance" and "Pink Champagne Supper." She only just came today, and I immediately had to take her outside for pictures.  I didn't order any of the others in the collection.  I wanted to see one up close and in person first before I even thought about ordering any more.

I'm really impressed with her!  Every part of her outfit is beautifully made and fits well.  Her black dress seems to be velveteen, and the only problem with this material is it attracts lint.  Besides that, though, her whole ensemble is wonderful.

She has grey eyes and pitch black hair.  I love that her lips are a deep, true red. ... It would have been so tempting for a designer to give her bubblegum pink lips to match all the rest of the pink in her outfit.  I'm so glad they went with red.  Love the red!  It really stands out in a very charming way.

Her jewelry is pink rhinestone earrings and a matching bracelet.

The hat fascinates me.  It's actually of a very simple construction, with a band of thin elastic on the underside to put around her hair.  Simple but effective. 

Her hair is a rather elaborate updo, not merely a bun.  I love how the hair looks, and have no desire to take it down. 

By the way, in case anyone was wondering:  The 2013 Tiny Kitty dolls seem to be the exact same skin tone as the older Kitties!  I held this girlie up to my older Tiny Kity in natural sunlight, and I couldn't see any difference in their skin colors.  Great news for anyone who wants an articulated-arm body for their older Kitties.  Just sayin'.

As always, please click on the pictures to make them bigger.

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