Monday, October 28, 2013


Happy Halloween! 

These two were my favorites of all the Brides of Dracula dolls, with the original blonde Contessa as a runner-up for third place.  There were two runs of the Brides: the first run was in 2010, and was a collaboration between Integrity Toys and Ashton-Drake.  It was followed a year later by another set of vampire dolls by Integrity exclusively, who had the rights to the head sculpts.  The two in these pictures are 2010 Mina, and 2011 Lucy.

Red-haired Lucy is wearing the black dress and earrings from FR2 "Strict Elegance" Luchia.  The dress fits her perfectly and looks amazing on her.  Gah! ... I love her hair color!  It's such a beautiful shade. 

Click on the pictures to make them bigger.  :)

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