Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Imogens

Imogen sisters!  I wanted to photograph them together.  I do love this sculpt!  The first incarnation of this sculpt was the original Brides of Dracula Lucy that was produced by Ashton-Drake in collaboration with Integrity Toys.  She's since taken on a life as one of the Fashion Royalty Nuface girls.  These are "London Mist" Imogen and the Workshop Imogen from the 2011 Integrity Toys convention. 

I got the Workshop Imogen as just the head.  She ended up stealing a body from my Rock Wedding Erin, so poor Erin is now in a drawer bodyless.  LOL. Anyone want an Erin head cheap? (EDIT: Erin head is sold now.)

The gown is the dress from "Private Goddess" Natalia.
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  1. Love workshop Imogen. I still haven't put her head on her body. I will have to remedy that quickly LOL. I still don't find myself warming up to London Mist (not that I own her).

  2. Of the two, I like Workshop Imogen better. Although that might be because my daughter also has brown hair, brown eyes and light skin. LOL. Workshop Imogen is like what my daughter might look like all grown up (she's only 5 now). :)