Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update # 2 on the City Girls ...

Since I've been talking about the City Girls dolls ...

I just found an excellent review on another blog of Tonner Toys' City Girls dolls.  The review is extremely thorough and well-written, and very objective and balanced.  It definitely lets you know about both the dolls' good AND bad points.

It's on The Toy Box Philosopher site. 

Here's the link to the review

I'll do my own review when my two arrive, which UPS shipping says will be Friday.  :)

EDIT:  I also found another excellent blog that discusses the City Girls.  It's called "For The Love Of Dolls" and it talks about the City Girls in a couple of different posts.

Here and here.

This doll line is just my current interest of the week, and there is so little information about the line out that I thought I'd share what I could find.  I'm sure my interests will switch over to some other type of doll next week, 'cause that's how it is with me.  LOL. 

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