Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet Smell of Success Veronique

Usually when I get a doll, there is SOMETHING I don't like about it.   Not this time.  The jewelry is exquisitely designed, the shoes are great, the dress is pretty; her hairstyle is intricately braided and attractive, and I adore her makeup and face screening.  There. ... How's that for a review?  LOL.  I genuinely can't find a single thing I don't like about this Vero.  She even comes with a separate black lace petticoat under the dress. 

The jewelry is wonderful.  She also came with a ring and bracelet along with the earrings and necklace, but I didn't bother to put them on her. 

I have to admire the artistry involved in that necklace. ... It's crazy they could make such a tiny necklace so stinkin' detailed.

I won't be taking her hair down.  It's so perfect as-is that I don't think taking it down would be an improvement.  I guess she'll always be the classy lady with an updo. 

By the way, the picture of Vero and Vanessa is the very first time I've ever photographed the two sisters together.  (The characters are sisters in the Fashion Royalty universe.)  The Vanessa is "High Point" Vanessa from the 2012 convention, as you'd know if you read my earlier posts.

I'm going to leave the photographs small so the page will load faster, but you can click on them to make them bigger. 

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  1. Gorgeous. I agree with you about not touching her hair, it's a wonderful style. I can't leave hair alone so I would have had to buy a duplicate if I'd gotten her.