Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Little More Patience

Was taking pictures of my two Patience dolls yesterday.  These are "Ahoy" Patience (re-wigged) and "Perfect" Patience by Wilde Imagination.  Their eyes are hilarious.  As most of you know already, their eyes move back and forth, which makes them look so delightfully alive in photographs. 




  1. Hello from Spain: lovely dolls. Keep in touch

  2. They are verry pretty, I like your pictures alot.

  3. I see you have re-wigged your Ahoy Patience. I am wondering if you pulled off her other wig, and if you did, how'd that work out? Can you put it back on? Was it hard to remove? Now that you have had both of these dolls for a bit, what are your opinions now? Will you be collection more? The patience dolls, Sad Sally and of COURSE the Ghastly and Ellowyne dolls are my favorites!

  4. Hiya. I did pull off her original wig. I heated it with a heating pad for a while until the glue got soft, then I pulled it off. It wasn't too difficult once the glue had softened.

    I haven't bought any more Patience dolls since I did these posts. I didn't really want more than two. Poor things need some attention! I've been neglecting these girls in favor of other dolls this past year.