Monday, September 9, 2013

My foray into Monster High dolls

I love the wings!
OK ... I PROMISED myself I wouldn't start buying these.  Yet, here they are.  Two of them jumped into my shopping cart yesterday.  What could I do?  They enthralled me with their monster powers and I was helpless.  (It didn't hurt I had $18 left on a Walmart gift card.)  They are Rochelle the gargoyle and Howleen the 14-year-old werewolf.  I thought they'd look cute together.  I've always secretly wanted Rochelle, and hey, I needed a second one so I can photograph them together, right?

I've never covered Monster High on this blog before.  Shuga-Shug's blog and Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter cover Monster High, plus you can sometimes get nicely-detailed reviews of MH dolls from the Toy Box Philosopher.  I never felt the need to keep up with Monster High myself. 

But these two were so personable.

There are a few things I don't like about Monster High.  The ultra-skinny bodies turned me off of the series initially.  I don't like some of the faces.  (I STILL don't see what people see in Spectra. ...)  There are a lot of good things to say about them too, though.  They have great articulation at the elbows, wrists and knees.  They can touch their own foreheads.  Plus, I love that they aren't grinning blonde Stepford Wives, like most dolls in the toy aisle.  They're fun. 

She comes with the hedgehog.
Since I've always been a classic monster movie fan, it was destiny I'd succumb eventually.

Anyway, these two are specifically 13 Wishes Howleen Wolf, and Ghouls Night Out Rochelle Goyle.  Other versions of Rochelle have better outfits, but I loved the hair on this one.  Howleen just looked friendly and cute. 

You know, looking at these two, I was thinking, "dang, that's a lot of pink considering they're supposed to be monsters!"  Then I remembered ... oh, yeah: Mattel.  LOL.  I like pink hair on dolls, though, so cutesy candy floss hair suits me just fine. 

Anyway, I guess these two are living at my house now. 


By the way, in case you're wondering:  That long black-and-white striped thing on Rochelle is supposed to be a scarf.  I'm not totally convinced it actually works with her outfit.  In most photos it just looks like a necktie gone wrong.




  1. Uhoh, that's how it starts LOL. They're both adorable. I have the 1st Howleen & Rochelle as my favorite of these 2. I just got this Howleen (she is adorable). I pick my favorite and go from there. I try to keep it to one of each character except I have yet to do that with Ghoulia & Clawdeen :O) In theory it should work but I can't resist

  2. LOl. I know, right! Since I wrote this post, I've already been to Toys R Us and a couple different Walmarts to "browse" through their Monster Highs. I'm sure I'll post more MHs later. Now my 5-year-old wants them, too, so I bought her two (a Lagoona and a Howleen). I can definitely see why they are addicting to so many people, now. Before I had them in-hand, I couldn't understand why they were addicting. Now I get it. :)