Monday, September 30, 2013

My find from the Huntsville, Alabama doll show

There is only one doll show within a 3 hour drive from my house, and it's only held once a year.  It just happens to be held in the same city my mother lives in, so I conveniently get to stay at my mom's house overnight whenever I attend the show.  Yay!  Mom's awesome cooking, and a doll show all in the same weekend. 

Anyway, I went this past weekend and saw that Brookes Dolls And More had a roomy display there with Ellowyne Wildes, Patsy dolls and ... OK, I didn't really notice what else their tables had, because I was too enchanted by the Ellowynes and Patsys.  I was never sold on buying Patsy before from just looking at pictures, but in person she was very charming!  They had a neat display of five different Patsys and (I think) five separate outfits for sale.  I was drawn to this girlie in purple, but hesitated about buying her.  I went back to their table THREE TIMES during the show trying to make up my mind to spend the money, and finally bought her on my third go-round.

This version is called "Pretty Party" Patsy.  Tonner really missed an opportunity to name her "Violets" Patsy or something.  (Vivacious Violets Patsy?  Very Violet Patsy?)  I love the outfit on this one!  It's a perfectly lovely dress that snaps in back and is really beautifully put together.    She didn't come with a stand, but doesn't need one because she can stand on her own unsupported. 

My one gripe with these dolls is that every time I see one, I think their eyes could be positioned better.  I really want to make this one a custom and give her new eyes that are either side-glancing, or positioned with a sliver of white underneath them like this amazing custom Patsy. 

Their default eyes can sometimes come across as a bit stare-y, like a school kid at the exact moment she realizes she forgot to do her homework.  Their faces are already lovely: Their eyes just need a slight nudge to evoke more expression. 

In fact, I am now 100% sure I am going to give her custom eyes.  I'll be back in my next post with her new look.

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