Thursday, November 29, 2012

Poppy wears Tim Gunn!

Right before Thanksgiving I was able to get my sweaty little mitts on a coupon for $5 off Barbie merchandise at Target.  I went there to look, and it turns out their Tim Gunn Collection items were already discounted $5 off.  I used the coupon to get this Tim Gunn Barbie outfit for a full $10 discount.

Smug with my purchase, I went home and tried the outfit on my Poppy Parkers.  It fits perfectly!

A quick review of the outfit:  The inside seams are not finished (typical Mattel) but the outside of the garment is actually pretty detailed and nice-looking.  The shirt and skirt both close with snaps, which is a plus.  Overall, a very nice find, particularly for $10 off.

The outfit came with the eyeglasses shown in the photo (nice!), as well as a cute little cup of coffee scaled to 12" dolls.  I should have taken pics of the coffee. ... Sorry I didn't. 

Here I've modeled the outfit on "I Love How You Love Me" Poppy Parker. 

By the way, I'm not sure the sale is still on at Target.  I got this outfit a week ago and the sale may have been taken down by now.  Not sure, though.  You can always call up your local Target and ask, I suppose.

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  1. I really think Mattel got it right with this outfit! It is one of my favorites from last year.