Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keep me away from the convention dolls!

OK, drooling over pictures from this past weekend's Integrity Toys convention is REALLY, REALLY bad for me. I now have the 2012 Workshop Poppy Parker coming to me (via a trade) and the convention "High Point" Vanessa (via my poor, strained PayPal account).  I had to buy Vanessa nude because I couldn't justify spending extra money to get her dressed.  LOL.  Come to think of it, BOTH dolls will be nude because Workshop Poppy came nude to begin with.  I guess I'll spend the next couple of days searching for the perfect outfits for each of them. 

I really need to stay off the forums now.  It's bad for my pocketbook.

I'm thrilled that Integrity changed Vanessa's face sculpt again.  She now has a sexy open mouth again like the original Vanessa did.  Vanessa 2.0 (shown in the photo) is pretty, but I really missed the parted lips of the original.  The first sculpt held a special place in my heart, since "Pale Fire" Vanessa (with the original mold) was my very first Integrity doll EVER.  I stupidly traded her away and have regretted it ever since. 

I'll take pics when my convention girlies arrive.  :)


  1. I used restraint also. Just two convention dollies on their way to chez moi. Actually, make that three, but two of them are identical Erins so does that count for three dolls? Looking forward to seeing photos of your redressed Vanessa.

  2. That Erin sure is pretty, also. Her face paint and hair are both wonderful! I'll be interested to see what convention left-overs are available when Integrity announces it in a few weeks. I may snag another doll then for retail. :)