Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pony re-hairing project

The pony used was called "Plumsweet."
I've re-rooted dolls before, but never any other kind of toy.  I thought it would be fun to re-root a My Little Pony toy to look albino.  I managed to finish the project in one evening, with the following results.  My 4-year-old daughter is enchanted by it, at least.  LOL.

I used "Snowflake" nylon doll hair from for the re-root.  This was my first time using nylon hair for anything.  I always used saran for doll heads.  Nylon is slightly stiffer, but still responded well to a soak in just-boiling water to make it lay flat and behave nicely.

Removing the neck knob was the most difficult part of the project, because it was glued in there pretty well.  I had to use an exacto blade/utility knife to cut the neck knob out.  Once it was out, though, the tail came out all in one piece.  I had to use tweezers to pluck out the original mane, though.

Disassembled and ready for customizing.

The finished pony.


  1. Thanks. *Hugs* My daughter now wants me to re-hair one of her My Little Pony unicorns. LOL