Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby It's You Poppy Parker set

My Baby It's You Poppy Parker gift set arrived today!  I had to do an immediate photoshoot.  I think this is one of the most beautiful Poppys ever!  If I were going to leave her displayed just like this, I wouldn't mess with her hair, but since I like to re-dress my girls, I'm afraid that hairstyle is going to have to come down.  Heh heh. 

I like Chip, but he's not staying.  I arranged to do a split with someone else to share the costs of the gift set, so I'm only keeping Poppy.  I have to say, though, Chip is pretty awesome. I've pre-ordered the new "My Generation" Chip with the '60s-style mod look, so there will be a Chip staying in this house eventually.  This Chip looks a bit like Elvis in a white tuxedo jacket.

Lovely Poppy.  She has Gwen Stefani coloring and the Bergdorf Poppy eye screening.  Perfection. I think more Poppy Parkers need to have big brown eyes.  *Loves*

Just wanted to show everyone the hairstyle.  It's a curly, cute flip.  The dress zippers down the back, as you can see.  These pics were taken in natural sunlight so you can more accurately see the color of her dress.

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