Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Silver Giselle

The Pink Parlor forum was having a "silver and black" theme this week, so I got out the camera.

This is my only Giselle.  I somehow missed out on getting both of the Giselles released so far this year.  I didn't win the lottery for "Glam Addict" Giselle and "Live, Work, Play" sold out before I could get her.  Sigh.  The funny (or unfunny) thing is I ALMOST got one of the "Live, Work, Play" Giselles.  My main dealer sold out of her, so I went to a different site.  I had Giselle in my shopping cart AND RIGHT THEN MY INTERNET WENT DOWN.  AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! 

By the time my Internet was working again ... well ... you can guess.  No Giselle.  Sold out everywhere.  Sigh. 

I made the dress.  (Yes ... It DOES look like a Karen Kolkman dress, but I made this one for myself.) 

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