Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Freja redressing ...

I couldn't help but redress my FR:16 Freja again.  These first few pics are Freja wearing a Tyler Wentworth outfit.  It fits her pretty much perfectly except the waist in the skirt is ever so slightly loose on her.  The FR:16s must have a smaller waist than Tyler.  The shoes from this outfit fit Freja nicely.  If I ever manage to remember the name of this outfit, I'll re-edit this post with the name.

I also tried her in a Gene outfit called "Suited for Fur." (Last photo, below.)  It fits her perfectly, even the shoes.  I was stoked to discover her mauvey-pink lipstick matches the dress and hat perfectly.  LOL!  Don't ya love coincidences like that?

Hey, did I tell you yet that I love her tan?  It's not a baked-too-long-in-the-tanning-salon tan; it's just a lovely, very natural golden tan.  As much as I love this skin color, though, I'd also love to see this sculpt at least once with the lighter "Caucasian" skin tone (as Integrity Toys calls it) in the future.  I have to say, though, this sculpt really can take any skin color and still look fabulous.  Case in point:  My two favorite AvantGuards were "Livewire" and "Androgyny," who both shared this sculpt, but were opposites in skin color.  Both were equally amazing.  They also happened to be the only AvantGuards I ever bought.