Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Haruka and Alice pics

I realized I pretty much only showed my Obitsu Haruka's face from just one angle, so I thought I'd offer you a different angle just so you could see her sculpt better.  She's so sweet!  I'm still playing with putting different wigs on her.  I was lucky enough to visit the Cool Cat web site just in time to get in on their 50% off wig sale, so I ended up getting six wigs from them really cheaply, and wish I'd gotten eight. (The sale is over now, sorry. ...)  This is one of the sale wigs.   Nice, eh? 

I just ordered some 16mm eyes in gray, so I'd have a change of eyes for her.  Right now she only has the purple ones and some 16mm browns she's stolen from Obitsu Alice.  I think I'm going to be having fun with this doll for a good long while.  You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

I thought I'd throw in more pics of Obitsu Alice, too.  I thought this sculpt looked cute in a slightly punked-out red wig.  This is a wig I bought second-hand off someone on the Den of Angels ball-jointed doll forum.  Sometimes it pays to not pay retail. 


  1. What media do you use for all your face ups?

  2. I stink at faceups, so I had a nice person on Den of Angels do her faceup for me. The artist's name is Cassandra N., but I don't remember what her Den of Angels' user name is. If I remember it later, I'll let you know. I'll try to look it up today and find out. I used to have the link to her web page, but don't anymore.