Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The "I Can't Believe It's Not Resin" doll - Obitsu Haruka

I'm totally enamoured of vinyl dolls that resemble the resin Asian ball-jointed dolls (bjds) in sculpt and form.  You probably saw my post about the "Alice" head sculpt for the 40cm Obitsu body, below.  Well, the "Alice" head was the head that came with the body when I bought it, but the clever thing about Obitsus is their heads are more or less interchangeable (depending on which heads you're looking at).  Not being totally in love with "Alice," I decided to try a different head for the same body.  I chose the "Haruka" head, which Junky Spot in California was selling separately from the bodies, unpainted, for cheap.

Ahhh ... I like this head so much better.  The "Haruka" head is recommended for the Obitsu 47cm and 50cm bodies, but I think it looks just fine on the 40cm body as well.  She does look more child-like on the shorter body, though, which is just okey-dokey with me.  These pictures show her on the small-busted 40cm white-skin body.  (Yes, she is their "white" skin ... as opposed to their "fleshtone.")  I love the 40cm body because it's the perfect size to wear all those lovely "MSD"-sized clothes floating around the Internet.  (The 1/4-scale bjd clothes. The 40cm body translates to a 17-inch doll.)

She has 16mm glass eyes that fit perfectly in the eye wells without the use of putty.  The eyes go in easily, but are sort of tricky to get out again once they're in.  You sort of have to push them out by plunging the eraser end of a pencil through the eye socket to push the eye inward, trying not to scratch the eye paint while you're doing it.  I'd almost rather use eye putty,  really.  The nicest thing about them, though, is you can change the position of her eyes without having to mess with sticky eye putty.  (Her face paint is by Kloudei on the Den of Angels forum, by the way. ... A very nice person to work with.)

Haruka is awesome, and since she's stolen Alice's body from her, it looks like I'll be selling the Alice head. 

The head size is a little unusual for a doll this scale.  It's a circumference of almost exactly 8 inches, which means MOST size 7-8 wigs will fit, but they will be tight on her.  I don't have any 8-9 wigs, but I suspect most of them should fit, too, but may be loose.  I just mention this for people who've come to this site because they've done a search for "Haruka Obitsu head" looking for info.  The two wigs she's wearing in these photos are size 7-8. They're tight, but not so tight that they're popping off her head.

Thanks for reading.  Hugs.


  1. They are wonderful... I'd love to know the price point of the Haruka head!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the compliment. :) The unpainted head was $18.50 from Junky Spot. I commissioned the faceup, because I stink at painting.

  3. I really like this head better too. And the face up looks great. I too like vinyl bjds just as much as the resin ones. Maybe because I worry a little less about them getting damaged?
    So now that you have changed heads, will she get a new name to go with it?

  4. Yeah, I have a 4-year-old. When she was born, I pretty much gave up resin dolls because I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a resin doll only to have a toddler break it. So, I started buying more vinyl dolls instead. ('Cause, ya gotta have dolls, ya know? ;)

    I love the name Haruka, but I've been calling her "Fox," here lately for some reason. LOL. I guess she does have a new name, now. I don't normally name my dolls, though, but this one seems special.

  5. She's Lovely! I'm thinking about one for my 50cm obitsu. so would a size 8 wig work?

  6. She's so adorable ^__^ That's what I call the true art.