Friday, February 3, 2012

Now for something completely different: Obitsu Alice

Obitsu Alice with 16mm acrylic eyes, wearing a sweater made for 16" Tonner dolls.
You all know what Obitsu dolls are, right?  Vinyl/plastic dolls with incredible jointing systems, mostly sold unpainted, with many of them bald and eyeless so you can further customize them by choosing the eye and hair color yourselves.  Kind of like vinyl versions of resin ball-jointed dolls.   Well, while researching Obitsus I suddenly discovered I had some money in my PayPal account that desperately needed spending, so I bought an Obitsu Alice.

She is their "white" skintone (as opposed to their peachier "fleshtone"), and is 17"/43cm tall.  She's on their small-bust 40cm body.  I felt the need to put some information about her on the Internet because there are almost NO pictures of this head sculpt out there. She wears size 7-8 wigs and size 16mm or 14mm eyes.
With 14mm glass eyes (full-round).

Parabox, the company that sells the Obitsus, claims she wears size 18mm eyes.  Don't believe them!  The 18mms are so ridiculously large on her that you can't see the whites of the eyes on her and they make her look like a space alien.  This particular sculpt has a bit of a quirky, elfin look as it is. ...   I'm including pics of her in both 16mm and 14mm eyes so you can see the difference. She would really be right at home with big elf ears and fairy wings with a face like this.  LOL! 

With 16mm Masterpiece polymer (acrylic) eyes.
I'm not sure I'm totally in love with her, but I definitely like her, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the body sculpt and jointing.  I'm already curious what a different head sculpt would look like on the wonderful 40cm body, because if I wanted to, I could switch out her head for a different one. ... The heads switch out easily. 
With 14mm glass eyes (full round).

The Parabox web site has excellent photos of the nude body so you can see the sculpt and incredible jointing system it has.  You can find many photos here.  

With 16mm Masterpiece polymer (acrylic) eyes.
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  1. I just discovered these dolls. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to get one, my doll budget is small.