Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 Lalaloopsies

I never got into the large Lalaloopsies, but I'm a huge fan of the minis.  I recently got Suzette La Sweet (above) to add to my collection.  In my eyes, she is the most awesome Lalaloopsy mini made thus far.  She comes with a big double-tier cake, a fan, a doggie and a pink ... thing on a plate.  Jello, maybe? 

I've been squeeing over the new fairy tale-themed minis!  The Lala version of Snow White ("Snowy Fairest") comes with a funny gnome man, a mirror, caramel apple and a squirrel.  Miss Muffet has a tiny spider hanging from her apron!  I love that little detail.  She also comes with a larger spider, which for some reason has a fuchsia hanger shooting out of its head.  I guess it's so you can hang it from somewhere above Miss Muffet for display.  The spider also has a bow on its head, and shoes. 

Maybe it's a girl spider?

Left: The three posing with the 2012 Easter mini.

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  1. We love them too! In fact, I love them so much I started a forum for them when they first came out.
    We have more than 900 members now. Are you a member of LaLaLoopsy Fan Club? If not pop on over and join.

    I love Suzette and the Fairy Tale series, but I have so many favorites.