Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review of "It's A Wrap" Workshop Poppy Fashion Teen

When Integrity Toys recently unveiled the 16", 2013 Poppy Parker Fashion Teen line, I was impressed with them.  I didn't preorder any, though.  I'd never seen one in person, and wasn't totally sure I wanted to take the plunge into collecting yet another line of dolls.  I did some searches on Flickr for photos of the already-released MegaPoppys from last year, and fell in love with this one.  She was the workshop doll at the 2012 Tropicalia Convention, and came only in a basic underwear set, with white plastic shoes and a lavender piece of fabric.  I wasn't at the convention, so I STILL don't know what they used that piece of fabric for.  I suppose it was part of the workshop.  Anyway ...

In my opinion, this is the best of the 16" Poppys from last year.  Her face is thoughtful and intelligent, and her face screening is lovely, with subdued colors for the eyeshadow and lips.  I ended up getting the outfit from "Love Letters" to dress her in.  (I love purple!  Plus, I have an obsession for cocktail and party dresses.) 

Her hands are expressive, but gloves are very difficult to get onto her splayed fingers.  Her hands are removable for dressing in tight sleeves.  The left hand on this one was slightly loose:  Not so loose that it would fall out, though.  I've seen a couple other people also complaining about a loose left wrist on the 2012 Fashion Teens, so perhaps it was an issue from the first collection.  I hope they were able to fix it for 2013.

Her feet are formed like the feet on their FR16 line, with hinged toes so that she can wear either heels or flats equally well.  I like this feature, although the first time my daughter saw that type of feet on the FR16s, she gleefully announced the dolls had "monkey toes"  and started bending the toes up and down on Mommy's expensive dolls.  LOL!  The hinged toes make it easier to fit them into a wider variety of shoes, which is sort of awesome.

I think the body sculpt is attractive.  I even like her rear end.  LOL.  It's a nicely-rounded, feminine rear end like Marilyn Monroe's, not a skinny, flat boy rear end like a lot of dolls have. 

Someone on the forums said they thought the 16" Poppys have big heads.  I don't see it on "It's a Wrap."  At least not on my doll.  I took a full-length shot so you can see the proportions.  I guess it depends on what you consider a big head.  It looks fine to me. 

The lips are ... hmmmm.  OK.  I don't love them, but I don't hate them, either.  I think she would have looked better with a totally closed mouth, but they aren't bad.  They make her look like she's in the middle of saying something to you.  In pictures, the parting between the lips really shows up well; in person, the part is not quite as apparent.  The 12" Poppys have more of a closed mouth, so the fact that Integrity opened the mouth slightly for the 16" version was an interesting choice. 

The only real negative was the stand she came with.  It's awful!  It's actually completely useless.  The saddle part of the stand is so wide that it forces her legs apart if you try to stand her up on it, which is not in the least attractive.  I had to borrow a stand from another doll to use for this photoshoot.  I really hope the 2013 dolls get better stands!

Overall, I like this doll quite a bit, and I'm now planning to get at least one of the 2013 dolls when they come out.  I've looked at live pics of the Tulabelle line as well, but I don't like her face as much as I like the faces on the 16" Poppys.  I keep wishing Tula's eyes were just a TEENSY bit closer together.

Since I'm posting a lot of pics, I'll keep them small so the page will load faster.  You can click on them to make them bigger.



  1. I think the thing that earns this line the "big head" claim is the jaw line. It's super strong, which can look pretty unusual next to most other lines' elfin pointed chins. But she's gorgeous...I'd love a Poppy if only their price was way more reasonable!

  2. I ended up editing my paragraph about the big heads a little bit, because I was reading on one of the forums that this particular MegaPoppy has a slightly smaller head than the others from 2012. I have no idea why. One person speculated that it might be a difference in the mold used, since there is more than one mold made of the same sculpt. An Integrity Toys representative told me it wasn't a refreshed sculpt (I asked), so perhaps the mold theory is correct. Don't know. I'm still investigating it.

  3. I really like her... with size comes maturity? She reminds me of a very sophisticated Poppy, even more so than usual.