Monday, July 22, 2013

Some thoughts on the changes coming at Integrity Toys

I've been so busy over the past month that my time to photograph dolls has been short.  I thought I'd take out one of my beauties I haven't photographed in a while, my FR2 "Rare Appeal" Dominique.  I don't think I've ever shown her on this blog before, because my pictures of her never came out good enough to show.  I think I finally got some decent pictures, at long last!  She's wearing the gown from "Private Goddess" Natalia.  It fits the FR2 body perfectly.  Since Integrity Toys has announced they are retiring the current Fashion Royalty body in favor of a refined FR2 body, that's good news for anyone who owns this gown.

They will be combining the Fashion Royalty and FR2 lines and giving them all a newly-redesigned FR2-type body.  They will debut the refined body at the Integrity Toys convention this year.  I have mixed feelings about them retiring the old body.  I'm mostly happy about it, since I LOVE the FR2 body.  It's sexy.  It's aesthetically pleasing while still being wonderfully articulated.  It looks great in tight clothing like swimsuits, that show off the body's form.  I hate that a chunk of my current Fashion Royalty clothing won't fit the new body, though, particularly pants and tight skirts.  Some will fit, some won't.  I believe most NuFace clothing should fit the new body.  All FR2 clothing will fit just fine. 

I don't have a lot of NuFace or FR2 clothing, so I'll just have to see what works and what doesn't.  Despite the problem with clothing, I'll be thrilled to see what they announce and present at the convention!

The other news was that they will be re-designing their male doll body (the "homme" body).  Yay!  I'm optimistic this will mean improved mobility in the neck, which that body sorely needs.  I stopped buying the guys about a year ago because the stiff necks made them difficult to pose in photos.

Also, they plan to discontinue the Monogram line.  *Is sad.*  I pouted when I heard that, since I'm a big Monogram fan.  Sigh.  I hate when I fall in love with a doll line, only to have it discontinued later.  I understand most doll lines can't last forever, though.  (Well, unless it's Barbie, that is.)

Hope you like my pictures.
On another note, don't you love Dominique's lips?  LOL.  Every time I look at this sculpt, I think her lips are fabulous.


  1. Hello from Spain, great doll. She is fabulous. Her lips are fabulous. I like her dress. Awesome. Keep in touch

  2. Her lips ARE fabulous!

    Body redesigns are one of those things that you kind of hold your breath over XD

    You really hope redesign = improvement... and sometimes they just don't.

    Here's hoping this new body has some real, wonderful innovations!

  3. I'm confused. The Welcome Gift Doll at the IT Convention was a Monogram doll, and her fashion is out of this world. Was she the "finale" of the Monogram line?