Monday, July 23, 2012

Upgrade Poppy!

Now to talk about "Dream Teen" Poppy. ... She's even prettier than her promo pics.  I love that they used the same eye screening as Holiday in the Hamptons/Endless Summer/Portrait in Black/Center of Attention.  I prefer this eye screening to the new 2012 screenings that will come out later this week.  I did order all the 2012 Poppys, but I'm not sure I'm going to love the new eye screenings.  I guess I'll decide when I get them.  We should be seeing the first of the 2012 Poppy line super soon.  "Day Tripper," "The Happening," "Sunshine Games" and the two Darlas are scheduled to start shipping THIS WEEK!

Poppy's dress is prettier than I expected.  Her hair is darker than expected, too, but I LOVE dark hair. It's a very dark brown like Ask Any Girl and Reluctant Debutant's hair.  ... not quite black.  Her eyes are grey like Holiday in the Hamptons, but she has applied eyelashes.  The lashes definitely give her more of a sultry look, and it's amazing how just having real eyelashes can change the look of the face screening so much.  I put her side-by-side with Hamptons, and although they have the exact same eye screening, Dream Teen manages to look sexier.

Her hair is gelled into one giant ponytail.  I just saw some pictures on Doll Divas that showed her with her hair taken down and washed out, and she looked amazing!  Right now I don't have any plans to take down the ponytail on mine. 

Ya know I'm going to update you again when I get the next wave of Poppy Parker dolls.  See ya. :)

Dream Teen and Holiday in the Hamptons have the same eye screening.


  1. She is prettier than I thought she would be! I'm excitedly waiting for mine to arrive!

  2. She is gorgeous! Thanks for the pics and review.

  3. Hey! It's Don from New York. I got my Sunshine Games Poppy and Colour My World Darla already. They are more beautiful than promo shots too! I think Integrity really stepped up Poppy. I think you will be pleased. Sunshine Games has a very neutral, model-like facial screening. I released those silly ponies and she has good rooting. The piggies come out in beautiful, fat curls. The problem? Her face skintone does not match her body! I've noticed this with Foto Fab and Perfectly Purple, also. However, it is much more pronounced IMHO on Sunshine Games. I put her on a Barbie Pivotal body (the Mod Barbie with the paddle like hands) and the tone is much better. Thinking of putting the body on ebay. But, I'm trying not to be hasty. I may try transplanting Poppy's beautiful hands onto the pivotal... Darla is the first Darla for me that has been stunning! Those smoky forward facing eyes are irresistible. I have Daytripper coming. I didn't order her originally, but Angelic Dreamz must have had a cancellation and I scooped her up for retail. Couldn't resist even if I just resell her. I love your blog but don't often comment. Keep up the great work!