Monday, July 23, 2012

Upgrade Natalia!

"Ready to Dare" Natalia was one of the two 2012 "upgrade" dolls that were available with a W Club membership.

She is exactly what I always wanted a Natalia to look like (although I would have preferred black hair).  I LOVE her face paint.   She looks serene and intelligent.  (Ya ever notice that Integrity Dolls almost always look intelligent?  I love that about them.)  She's kind of like a better (but toned down) version of "Hot Property" ... better because "Hot Property" Natalia had a faulty eye screening, and a lot of them came out looking like their eyes were crossed.  If it weren't for that unfortunate screening, "Hot Property" would have been incredible.  ... The eye screening on "Ready to Dare" is flawless.

I LOVE the pink and lime green bag she comes with.  *Adores* -- Love the shoes.  I'm on the fence about the dress.  It's OK, but not really my thing. The fabric is very soft and high-quality, at least, and it zips down the back.  I love the little pink earrings. 

I was never into Natalias before this sculpt came out, because I hated Integrity Toys' original Natalia sculpt and never bought a single one.  Then they came out with this nice revamped Natalia face, and I started buying them.  They don't like to stay at my house, though.  Out of four Natalias I've bought over the years, only two have stayed with me. 

Next post:  "Dream Teen" Poppy.  :)

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