Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day (July 4th) celebrates the day the American colonies won their independence from Britain in 1776 and formed their own country.  Yay!  Being both a doll lover and American, of course I have to post pictures of dollies wearing my country's colors.  

Modeling are the Tonner Doll Company's "Sugar Plum Party" Marley (I love her hair!), and Integrity's FR:16 girls Anais, Freja and Elsa.  I made all of the clothing.

By the way, when is Tonner going to bring Marley back?  She was awesome!


  1. Marley is a cutie. Love her dress. Those FR16 dolls are stunning. Great job on all the outfits.

  2. Lovely dolls and gorgeous outfits.

  3. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. :) *hugs*

  4. 2 dolls from my dreams. Freja & Anais, nice outfits. I sewing too - on eBay - Dark.Beauty
    red dress is my favorite :)