Friday, July 13, 2012

Comic Con's Hasbro booth

I've been enjoying coverage of this weekend's Comic Con on Shuga-Shug's blog.  I was browsing the Internet looking for more pictures, and found these.  They show the Hasbro booth, and there are pics of the new Jem and the Holograms doll, as well as their upcoming My Little Pony toys. 

Link is here. 


  1. I was pretty excited about this Jem release until they revealed a new foot sculpt! Ugh. The worst thing about our 80s Jems were their hooves! Oh well. I guess it will be saving me the evilbay scalper prices! In other news, I've been expecting you to post on the new size Poppy Parker! Did you not get a Precious Love? I enjoy your blog, even though I usually don't comment!

  2. Hi. Thanks. I didn't get any of the 16" Poppys. It was partly because I wanted to see owner pics before I bought one, and partly because I'm rapidly running out of cash. I think they're all right, but I don't believe I'll be buying any.

    Right now I'm waiting on Integrity pre-orders. I have both of the W Club "upgrade" dolls coming (Dream Teen Poppy and that Natalia in pink). Hugs.